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Additional articles for this issue will be published online as they are prepared. The complete online edition will be published by October 2017.

Harvey J. Walsh and Vince G. Guida
Published online 26 July 2017
Adriana Gonzalez-Pestana, Nicolas Acuña-Perales, Javier Coasaca-Cespedes, Francisco Cordova-Zavaleta, Joanna Alfaro-Shigueto, Jeffrey C. Mangel, and Pepe Espinoza
Published online 31 July 2017
David A. Dippold, Robert T. Leaf, James S. Franks, and J. Read Hendon
Published online 1 August 2017
Lisa J. Natanson, Camilla T. McCandless, Kelsey James, and John Hoey
Published online 8 August 2017
Serge Aucoin, Steve Weege, Max Toebe, Jeff Guertin, Jonathan Gorham, and Michael Bresette
Published online 15 August 2017
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