Fishery Leaflets

These contain information on fishery subjects and were intended primarily for use in correspondence. They were distributed free to Federal and State agencies and scientists, libraries, and U.S. and foreign research institutions.

The relative productivity and value of the fisheries of the United States and Alaska Bob Finley PDF icon leaflet108.pdf
Culture of daphnia Eugen W. Surber PDF icon leaflet331.pdf
Recording color changes in frozen pink salmon John A. Dassow and Maurice E. Stansby PDF icon leaflet332.pdf
The fisheries of the world Arthur M. Sandberg PDF icon leaflet109.pdf
Aquatic resources of the Ryukyu area Sidney Shapiro PDF icon leaflet333.pdf
The effect of a seafood diet on the red cell count, hemoglobin value, and hematocrit of human blood. Shirley J. Wilson PDF icon leaflet334.pdf
The steelhead and rainbow trouts prepared in the Division of Fishery Biology PDF icon leaflet110.pdf
Quarterly outlook for marketing fishery products. Apr. - June 1949 (to date) prepared in the Branch of Commercial Fisheries PDF icon leaflet336.pdf
Keeping live shrimp for bait prepared in the Branch of Fishery Biology
Fighting fibers and comparable values of fibers for use in commercial fisheries Frank E. Firth PDF icon leaflet111.pdf
Fishery regulations of Venezuela including a section on import duties for products connected with the fishing industry translated by R. O. Smith PDF icon leaflet338.pdf
The Mexican fisheries industry Alan E. Hool PDF icon leaflet339.pdf
Mortality of fishes in fresh water ponds and lakes, prepared in the Division of Fishery Biology PDF icon leaflet112.pdf
Contribution to the biology of the king crab (Paralithodes camtschatica Tilesius) M. Marvin Wallace, Camile J. Pertuit and Arthur R. Hvatum PDF icon leaflet340.pdf
Tagging and marking fish Lawrence N. Kolloen PDF icon leaflet113.pdf
The sponge fishing industry in Libya. (Africa) Henry T. Van Buren PDF icon leaflet341.pdf
Crustaceans as food for fishes in fish culture prepared in the Division of Fishery Biology PDF icon leaflet114.pdf
Report of Alaska exploratory fishing expedition, fall of 1948, to northern Bering Sea J. G. Ellson, Boris Knake and John Dassow PDF icon leaflet342.pdf
Handling fresh fish Maurice E. Stansby PDF icon leaflet115.pdf
Floating trawls William S. Krason PDF icon leaflet343.pdf
Control of aquatic plants in ponds and lakes Eugene W. Surber PDF icon leaflet344.pdf
Composition of fish M. E. Stansby PDF icon leaflet116.pdf
Whale and fish oils (Iceland) William S. Krason PDF icon leaflet345.pdf
Positions in the Division of Commercial Fisheries Rev. PDF icon leaflet117.pdf
United States special mission reviews Japanese fisheries situation PDF icon leaflet346.pdf
Growth of South African fisheries, John C. Fuess. PDF icon leaflet347.pdf
Agar, agaroids, and the American agar industry Horace H. Selby PDF icon leaflet118.pdf
German commercial electrical fishing device Robert B. Houston, Jr. PDF icon leaflet348.pdf
Summary of the game fish laws for 1945 prepared in the Division of Game-fish and Hatcheries PDF icon leaflet119.pdf
Fishing and fisheries (Brazil) Excerpts from the Report of the Joint Brazil-United States Technical Commission, Publication 3487, International Organization and Conference Series 2, American Republics 5, Division of Publications, Department of State PDF icon leaflet349.pdf
Dehydration of fishery products Maurice E. Stansby PDF icon leaflet120.pdf
Observations on the shark fishery in the central part of the Gulf of California with records of vitamin potency of liver oils and with keys to the, identification of commercially important sharks Lionel A. Walford PDF icon leaflet121.pdf
Smoking lake herring, whitefish, lake trout and carp Norman D. Jarvis PDF icon leaflet122.pdf
Sharks, and skates or rays Samuel F. Hildebrand PDF icon leaflet123.pdf
Dermatitis in the fish industry Louis Schwartz and Irving R. Tabershaw PDF icon leaflet124.pdf
How to make and mend fish nets PDF icon leaflet125.pdf
Fish reduction processes Charles Butler PDF icon leaflet126.pdf
FL 1. Black bass angling laws prepared in the Division of Game Management PDF icon leaflet1.pdf
Eel fishing and eel pots Frank E. Firth PDF icon leaflet127.pdf
Refrigerated locker storage of fish and shellfish Martin Heerdt, Dorris L. Bucher and Maurice E. Stansby PDF icon leaflet128.pdf
The Pacific sardine fishery prepared by the staff of the South Pacific Section of the Division of Fishery Biology PDF icon leaflet129.pdf
Rains of fishes, toads, and frogs prepared in the Division of Fishery Biology PDF icon leaflet130.pdf
Crayfish prepared in the Division of Fishery Biology PDF icon leaflet131.pdf
Structure and senses of fish Ralph Hile PDF icon leaflet132.pdf
Catfishes prepared in the Division of Fishery Biology PDF icon leaflet133.pdf
The black drum (Pogonias cromis) prepared in the Division of Fishery Biology PDF icon leaflet134.pdf
Guide to commercial shark fishing in the Caribbean area the Anglo-American Caribbean Commission PDF icon leaflet135.pdf
Dry-salting mullet, red drum (channel bass) and kingfish (king mackerel) Norman D. Jarvis PDF icon leaflet136.pdf
Summary of trout stocking experiments Ancil D. Holloway PDF icon leaflet137.pdf
Some time and labor saving techniques in vitamin A and oil analyses F. B. Sanford, G. C. Bucher and W. Clegg PDF icon leaflet138.pdf


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