Special Scientific Report - Fisheries (SSRF)

Established in 1949, this series consists of reports on scientific investigations which document long-term continuing programs of NMFS, and intensive reports on studies of restricted scope. Bibliographies of a specialized nature are also published in this series. In 1983 this subcategory of technical reports was merged with the Circular series into the NOAA Technical Report NMFS series; SSRF 783 was the last report published.

25 years of federal fishery research on the Great Lakes Ralph Hile PDF icon SSRF85.pdf
A bibliography of the blackfin tuna, Thunnus atlanticus (Lesson) Grant L. Beardsley and David C. Simmons PDF icon SSRF635.pdf
A bibliography of the lobsters, Genus Homarus R. D. Lewis. PDF icon SSRF591.pdf
A census of the California gray whale Raymond M. Gilmore PDF icon SSRF342.pdf
A checklist of parasites of California, Oregon, and Washington marine and estuarine fishes Milton S. Love and Mike Moser PDF icon SSRF777.pdf
A commercial sampling program for sandworms, Nereis virens Sars, and bloodworms, Glycera dibranchiata Ehlers, harvested along the Maine coast Edwin P. Creaser, Jr., David A. Clifford, Michael J. Hogan, and David B. Sampson PDF icon SSRF767.pdf
A comparative study of longline baits Richard S. Shomura PDF icon SSRF151.pdf
A contribution to the knowledge of the fishes from the Bering and Chukchi seas Anatoly P. Andriashev PDF icon SSRF145.pdf
A fishway that shad ascend Gerald B. Collins PDF icon SSRF65.pdf
A freshwater fish electro-motivator (FFEM)-its characteristics and operation James E. Ellis and Charles C. Hoopes PDF icon SSRF660.pdf
A historical and descriptive account of Pacific coast anadromous salmonid rearing facilities and a summary of their releases by region, 1960-76 Roy J. Wahle and Robert Z. Smith PDF icon SSRF736.pdf
A hydrographic survey of the Galveston Bay system, Texas, 1963-66 E. J. Pullen, W. L. Trent, and G. B. Adams PDF icon SSRF639.pdf
A laboratory for fish behavior studies H. William Newman PDF icon SSRF271.pdf
A list of references on the biology of shrimp (family Penaeidae) Edward Chin and Donald M. Allen PDF icon SSRF276.pdf
A list of the marine mammals of the world Dale W. Rice and Victor B. Scheffer PDF icon SSRF579.pdf
A list of the marine mammals of the world Dale W. Rice PDF icon SSRF711.pdf
A method for tagging immature herring John E. Watson. PDF icon SSRF451.pdf
A modified Beckman model DU Spectrophometer for seagoing use Robert W. Holmes and Robert J. Linn PDF icon SSRF382.pdf
A morphometric study of silver hake John T. Conover, Raymond L. Fritz, and Manuel Vieira PDF icon SSRF368.pdf
A photoelectric current meter H. C. Boyar and F. E. Schueler PDF icon SSRF330.pdf
A profile of the fish and decapod crustacean community in a South Carolina estuarine system prior to flow alteration Elizabeth Lewis Wenner, Malcolm H. Shealy, Jr., and Paul A. Sandifer PDF icon SSRF757.pdf
A remote controlled underwater photographic surveillance system Paul J. Kruse, Jr. PDF icon SSRF490.pdf
A review of literature on menhaden with special reference to the Gulf of Mexico menhaden, Brevoortia patronus Goode Gordon Gunter and J. Y. Christmas PDF icon SSRF363.pdf
A sled-mounted suction sampler for benthic organisms Donald M. Allen and J. Harold Hudson. PDF icon SSRF614.pdf
A study of the causes of death ofbait fishes Yasuo Suehiro PDF icon SSRF62.pdf
A study of the mackerels, cybiids, and tunas Kamakichi Kishinouye. PDF icon SSRF24.pdf
A summary of sightings of fish schools and bird flocks and trolling in the central Pacific Garth I. Murphy and Isaac I. Ikehara PDF icon SSRF154.pdf
A survey of former shad streams in Maine Clyde C. Taylor PDF icon SSRF66.pdf
A survey of the sports fishery of the middle Atlantic bight in 1948 Raymond J. Buller and Harlan S. Spear PDF icon SSRF7.pdf
A towed pump and shipboard filtering system for sampling small zooplankters Charles P. O'Connell and Roderick J. H. Leong PDF icon SSRF452.pdf
A virus disease of sockeye salmon: interim report Stanley W. Watson ,Raymond W. Guenther and Robert R. Rucker PDF icon SSRF138.pdf
Abundance and distribution of zooplankton in Hawaiian waters, 1955-56 Eugene L. Nakamura PDF icon SSRF544.pdf
Abundance of benthic macroinvertebrates in natural and altered estuarine areas Gil Gilmore and Lee Trent PDF icon SSRF677.pdf
Abundance of pelagic resources off California, 1963-78, as measured by an airborne fish monitoring program James L. Squire, Jr. PDF icon SSRF762.pdf
Acute oral toxicity of 1,496 chemicals force-fed to carp Howard A. Loeb and William H. Kelly PDF icon SSRF471.pdf
Age and size composition of the Atlantic menhaden, Brevoortia tyrannus, purse seine catch, 1963-71, with a brief discussion of the fishery William R. Nicholson PDF icon SSRF684.pdf
Age and size composition of the menhaden catch along the Atlantic Coast of the United States, 1952- 55, with a brief review of the commercial fishery Fred C. June and John W. Reintjes PDF icon SSRF317.pdf
Age and size composition of the menhaden catch along the Atlantic Coast of the United States, 1956, with a brief review of the commercial fishery Fred C. June and John W. Reintjes PDF icon SSRF336.pdf
Age and size composition of the menhaden catch along the Atlantic Coast of the United States, 1958, with a brief review of the commercial fishery Fred C. June and William R. Nicholson PDF icon SSRF446.pdf
Age and size composition of the menhaden catch along the Atlantic coast of the United States, 1962 with a brief review of the commercial fishery William R. Nicholson and Joseph R. Higham, Jr. PDF icon SSRF527.pdf
Age composition, weight, length, and sex of herring, Clupea pallasii, used for reduction in Alaska, 1929-66 Gerald M. Reid PDF icon SSRF634.pdf
Age determination of fish (preliminary report 1) Hiroaki Aikawa and Masuo Kata PDF icon SSRF21.pdf
Age, length, and body weight of salmon caught by Japanese high-seas fleets in north Pacific. A preliminary report George Tanonaka PDF icon SSRF259.pdf
Air and water temperatures and stream flow data from Convict Creek, Mono County, California, 1950 to 1962 Harry D. Kennedy PDF icon SSRF481.pdf
Albacore fishing grounds development in 1939 translated from the Japanese language PDF icon SSRF33.pdf
An analysis of the commercial lobster (Homarus americanus) fishery along the coast of Maine, August 1966 through December 1970 James C.Thomas PDF icon SSRF667.pdf
An annotated bibliography of attempts to rear the larvae of marine fishes in the laboratory Robert C. May PDF icon SSRF632.pdf
An annotated bibliography of the cunner, Tautogolabrus adspersus (Walbaum) Fredric M. Serchuk and David W. Frame PDF icon SSRF668.pdf
An annotated list of larval and juvenile fishes captured with surface-towed meter net in the South Atlantic bight during four RV Dolphin cruises between May 1967 and February 1968 Michael P. Fahay PDF icon SSRF685.pdf
An atlas of the distribution and abundance of dominant benthic invertebrates in the New York Bight apex with reviews of their life histories Janice V. Caracciolo and Frank W. Steimle, Jr. PDF icon SSRF766.pdf


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