Fishery Leaflets

These contain information on fishery subjects and were intended primarily for use in correspondence. They were distributed free to Federal and State agencies and scientists, libraries, and U.S. and foreign research institutions.

The decline and rehabilitation of the southeastern Alaska herring fishery Lawrence N. Kolloen PDF icon leaflet252.pdf
Manitoba's fresh water fishing industry prepared by Stewart E. McMillin PDF icon leaflet253.pdf
List of fishery associations in the United states, Alaska, and Hawaii PDF icon leaflet254.pdf
Fishery motion pictures PDF icon leaflet255.pdf
Outlook for Newfoundland fisheries. 1947 L. O. Sanderhoff PDF icon leaflet256.pdf
State trading in Iceland with respect to its fisheries Joseph H. Rogatnick PDF icon leaflet257.pdf
Retailing fish A. M. Sandberg PDF icon leaflet258.pdf
The fisheries and fishery resources of the Caribbean area Reginald H. Fiedler. Milton J. Lobell and Clarence R. Lucas PDF icon leaflet259.pdf
Mexican fishery legislation compiled by Milton J. Lindner PDF icon leaflet260.pdf
A partial bibliography relating to agar Leonard S. Stoloff PDF icon leaflet261.pdf
Crab pot construction (Chesapeake Bay type) Emmett Andrews PDF icon leaflet262.pdf
The Japanese agar-agar industry compiled by Claude M. Adams PDF icon leaflet263.pdf
Palatability of Pacific rockfish fillets R. Paul Elliott and Kathryn L. Osterhaug PDF icon leaflet264.pdf
Biblography of the preservation of fishery products by freezing. Part 1 - Period to January 1945 Dorris Bucher, Martin Heerdt, Kathryn Osterhaug. PDF icon leaflet265.pdf
Part 2 - Period of January 1945 to December 1947 John Dassow PDF icon leaflet265-2.pdf
Fisheries of Uruguay Alfredo Comelli and DeWitt L. Stora PDF icon leaflet266.pdf
Sao Paulo fishing industry John F. Root PDF icon leaflet267.pdf
Japan's big fishing companies John L. Kask PDF icon leaflet268.pdf
Cod -- the beef of the sea Rose G. Kerr PDF icon leaflet269.pdf
The electrostatic smoking of sardines William S. Hamm and Walter A. Rust PDF icon leaflet270.pdf
Spanish fishing industry, 1946 Mario A. Rey PDF icon leaflet271.pdf
Volume and value of the catch of fish and shellfish landed at Malaga, 1946 James G. Orn PDF icon leaflet272.pdf
Survey of the fisheries of the former Japanese mandated islands Robert O. Smith PDF icon leaflet273.pdf
Evaluation of surface pH as a freshness index for fish flilets R. Paul Elliott PDF icon leaflet274.pdf
Fish and shellfish canapes and hors d'oeuvres Norman D. Jarvis PDF icon leaflet275.pdf
The "Bob" method of picking blue crabs Emmett Andrews PDF icon leaflet276.pdf
Organizing and incorporating fishery cooperative marketing associations by L. C. Salter revised by R. A. Kahn PDF icon leaflet277.pdf
Freezing fish at sea J. M. Lemon and C. B. Carlson PDF icon leaflet278.pdf
Japanese fisheries production 1908-46, (a statistical report) Ada V. Espenshade PDF icon leaflet279.pdf
Ambergris Reprinted from Chemical Trade Journal and Chemical Engineer PDF icon leaflet280.pdf
Ambergris in perfume extracts Victor Hasslauer PDF icon leaflet281.pdf
The blue crab. Callinectes sapidus prepared in the Division of Fishery Biology PDF icon leaflet282.pdf
Mexican fishery law of December 31. 1949 translated by Milton J. Lindner and Rae Kaplan PDF icon leaflet283.pdf
Cuban frog leg industry Joseph L. Martinez PDF icon leaflet284.pdf
Rosefish recipes Rose G. Kerr, Dorothy M. Robey, Sarah P. Weems, Jean M. Burtis PDF icon leaflet285.pdf
Steps in the handling of frozen fish in the freezer warehouse J. M. Lemon PDF icon leaflet286.pdf
Per capita consumption of fish only 13.3 pounds (1935) Fred F. Johnson PDF icon leaflet287.pdf
The (Japanese) fishing industry prepared by the Civil Information and Education Section PDF icon leaflet288.pdf
Preliminary report on sampling of fish livers G. C. Bucher, W. S. Hamm, F. B. Sanford, and W. Clegg
Distribution of oil and vitamin A in fish livers Glenn C. Bucher, William Clegg and F. Bruce Sanford PDF icon leaflet290.pdf
Trotline construction, operation, and maintenance (Chesapeake Bay type) Emmett Andrews PDF icon leaflet291.pdf
List of fishery cooperatives in the United States and Alaska PDF icon leaflet292.pdf
List of fishermen's and fish shore workers' unions in the United States, Alaska, and Hawaii PDF icon leaflet293.pdf
Cuba's spiny lobster industry Jospeh L. Martinez PDF icon leaflet294.pdf
Chemical composition of some canned fishery products Ray Treichler, Charles F. Lee, and Norman D. Jarvis PDF icon leaflet295.pdf
A method for evaluation of the nutritive value of a protein. A comparison of broiled and pan-fried striped bass fillets Hugo W. Nilson, William A. Martinek and Dorothy B. Darling PDF icon leaflet296.pdf
The Japanese tuna fisheries Sidney Shapiro PDF icon leaflet297.pdf
Employment possiblities in the Alaskan fishing industry R. Paul Elliott PDF icon leaflet298.pdf
Legislation for the protection of the Alaska fur seal herd Ralph C. Baker PDF icon leaflet299.pdf
List of Fishery Leaflets 201-300 compiled by Barbara B. Aller PDF icon leaflet300.pdf


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