Fishery Leaflets

These contain information on fishery subjects and were intended primarily for use in correspondence. They were distributed free to Federal and State agencies and scientists, libraries, and U.S. and foreign research institutions.

Suggestions for operators of tuna receiving ships, Carl B. Carlson PDF icon leaflet301.pdf
Kite rigs for otter trawl gear prepared by R. T. Whiteleather PDF icon leaflet302.pdf
The Economic Cooperation Administration and the fishery industries Richard A. Kahn PDF icon leaflet303.pdf
Part 1 - Fish of the Persian and Oman Gulfs prepared by H. G. Bolster PDF icon leaflet304.pdf
Guano islands, Union of South Africa prepared by John C. Fuess PDF icon leaflet305.pdf
Strength measurement of agar gels Leonard S. Stoloff PDF icon leaflet306.pdf
Syneresis of agar gels, Leonard S. Stoloff PDF icon leaflet307.pdf
The Cuban fishing industry Joseph L. Martinez PDF icon leaflet308.pdf
Japanese sponge culture experiments in the South Pacific islands A. R. Cahn PDF icon leaflet309.pdf
Production of edible fish in the Red Sea Enoch S. Duncan PDF icon leaflet310.pdf
Textbook of pond culture. Rearingand keeping of carp, trout and allied fishes, Wilhelm Schaeperclaus PDF icon leaflet311.pdf
Smoking shrimp Leo Young PDF icon leaflet312.pdf
The Economic Cooperation Program as it affects the fishery industries. Sixty questions and answers Richard A. Kahn and Harry E. Timmis PDF icon leaflet313.pdf
Canned crab industry of Japan prepared by A. R. Cahn PDF icon leaflet314.pdf
Aquarium construction in the home workshop prepared in the Branch of Game-fish and Hatcheries PDF icon leaflet315.pdf
S. S. Pacific Explorer. Part 3 - Below deck arrangements and refrigeration equipment Carl B. Carlson PDF icon leaflet316.pdf
The Japanese long-line fishery for tunas Sidney Shapiro PDF icon leaflet317.pdf
Notes on shrimp fishing along the New England coast Lionel A. Walford PDF icon leaflet318.pdf
The shrimp and the shrimp industry of the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico prepared in the Branch of Fishery Biology PDF icon leaflet319.pdf
Rosefish Cookery: A demonstration manual Sarah P. Weems PDF icon leaflet320.pdf
An improved method of glazing fish for locker storage S. R. Pottinger PDF icon leaflet321.pdf
Fishery industries of Alaska and their administration C. Howard Baltzo and Donald W. Erickson PDF icon leaflet322.pdf
Snails prepared in the Branch of Gamefish and Hatcheries PDF icon leaflet323.pdf
Packaging frozen fishery products, S. R. Pottinger PDF icon leaflet324.pdf
The nutrition of fish in hatcheries, A literature review Neva Karrick PDF icon leaflet325.pdf
S. S. Pacific Explorer. Part 4 - Personnel and the movement of materials Carl B. Carlson PDF icon leaflet326.pdf
The fishing industry and the market for fish in Sweden Georg Frostenson PDF icon leaflet327.pdf
Fishing industry of the Gulf of Aden. (Arabia) Robert E. Ferris PDF icon leaflet328.pdf
Fishing industry of Brazil Jack E. Conner PDF icon leaflet329.pdf
Experimental fishing trip to Bering Sea Joseph E. King PDF icon leaflet330.pdf
Culture of daphnia Eugen W. Surber PDF icon leaflet331.pdf
Recording color changes in frozen pink salmon John A. Dassow and Maurice E. Stansby PDF icon leaflet332.pdf
Aquatic resources of the Ryukyu area Sidney Shapiro PDF icon leaflet333.pdf
The effect of a seafood diet on the red cell count, hemoglobin value, and hematocrit of human blood. Shirley J. Wilson PDF icon leaflet334.pdf
Quarterly outlook for marketing fishery products. Apr. - June 1949 (to date) prepared in the Branch of Commercial Fisheries PDF icon leaflet336.pdf
Keeping live shrimp for bait prepared in the Branch of Fishery Biology
Fishery regulations of Venezuela including a section on import duties for products connected with the fishing industry translated by R. O. Smith PDF icon leaflet338.pdf
The Mexican fisheries industry Alan E. Hool PDF icon leaflet339.pdf
Contribution to the biology of the king crab (Paralithodes camtschatica Tilesius) M. Marvin Wallace, Camile J. Pertuit and Arthur R. Hvatum PDF icon leaflet340.pdf
The sponge fishing industry in Libya. (Africa) Henry T. Van Buren PDF icon leaflet341.pdf
Report of Alaska exploratory fishing expedition, fall of 1948, to northern Bering Sea J. G. Ellson, Boris Knake and John Dassow PDF icon leaflet342.pdf
Floating trawls William S. Krason PDF icon leaflet343.pdf
Control of aquatic plants in ponds and lakes Eugene W. Surber PDF icon leaflet344.pdf
Whale and fish oils (Iceland) William S. Krason PDF icon leaflet345.pdf
United States special mission reviews Japanese fisheries situation PDF icon leaflet346.pdf
Growth of South African fisheries, John C. Fuess. PDF icon leaflet347.pdf
German commercial electrical fishing device Robert B. Houston, Jr. PDF icon leaflet348.pdf
Fishing and fisheries (Brazil) Excerpts from the Report of the Joint Brazil-United States Technical Commission, Publication 3487, International Organization and Conference Series 2, American Republics 5, Division of Publications, Department of State PDF icon leaflet349.pdf
The use of rotenone as fish poison prepared in the Branches of Fishery Biology and Game-fish and Hatcheries PDF icon leaflet350.pdf
Tuna trolling in the Line Islands in the late spring of 1950 Donald H. Bates, Jr. PDF icon leaflet351.pdf


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