Fishery Leaflets

These contain information on fishery subjects and were intended primarily for use in correspondence. They were distributed free to Federal and State agencies and scientists, libraries, and U.S. and foreign research institutions.

United States per capita consumption of fishery products. Sept. 1949 prepared by Harry Sherr in cooperation with Edward A. Power, Richard A. Kahn, and others. PDF icon leaflet352.pdf
"Little tuna" of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts Cyrus H. Chilton PDF icon leaflet353.pdf
Reef fishing in the Philippines Agustin F. Umali, and Herbert E. Warfel PDF icon leaflet354.pdf
The trouts of North America; general remarks on classification, Samuel F. Hildebrand PDF icon leaflet355.pdf
Fisheries of New Brunswick (Canada) Lewis Dean Brown PDF icon leaflet356.pdf
Pearl culture in Japan A. R. Cahn PDF icon leaflet357.pdf
The Chesapeake Bay crab industry James Wharton PDF icon leaflet358.pdf
Manufacturers of equipment for the fish processing industries prepared by the Branch of Commercial Fisheries PDF icon leaflet359.pdf
Sea lampreys of the Atlantic Coast, and Great Lakes Lola Tidwell Dees PDF icon leaflet360.pdf
Sea lampreys of the Atlantic Coast, and Great Lakes Lola Tidwell Dees PDF icon leaflet360.pdf
S. S. Pacific Explorer. Part 5. - 1948 Operations in the North Pacific and Bering Sea Norman B. Wigutoff and Carl B. Carlson PDF icon leaflet361.pdf
Sources of information concerning the commercial fisheries revised by Ruth V. Keefe PDF icon leaflet362.pdf
Egyptian fisheries John Panos and Quincy F. Roberts PDF icon leaflet363.pdf
The mussel resources of the North Atlantic region Leslie W. Scattergood and Clyde C. Taylor PDF icon leaflet364.pdf
Sales patterns for fresh and frozen fish and shellfish, 1936 and 1946 R. A. Kahn, and W. H. Stolling PDF icon leaflet365.pdf
Identification of the commercial common shrimp species Carter Broad PDF icon leaflet366.pdf
The codfish industry in northern Portugal Randall T. Klein, Jr. PDF icon leaflet367.pdf
The shrimp fishery of the southern United States W. W. Anderson, M. J. Lindner, and J. E. King
Exploratory fishing expedition to the northern Bering Sea in June and July, 1949 J. G. Ellson, Donald E. Powell, and Henry H. Hildebrand PDF icon leaflet369.pdf
Utilization of fishery by-products in Washington and Oregon F. Bruce Sanford PDF icon leaflet370.pdf
Japanese whaling industry prior to 1946 William M. Terry PDF icon leaflet371.pdf
Report on the fisheries industry in the Republic of Korea prepared under the supervision of Director, Food and Agriculture Division, Economic Cooperation Administration, Mission to Korea PDF icon leaflet372.pdf
Atlantic coast mackerel purse seine Boris O. Knake. PDF icon leaflet373.pdf
Freezing and canning king crab John A. Dassow PDF icon leaflet374.pdf
A survey of the commercial fishery possibilities of Seward Peninsula area, Kotzebue Sound, and certain inland rivers and lakes in Alaska Norman B. Wigutoff and Clarence J. Carlson PDF icon leaflet375.pdf
Albacore tuna exploration in Alaskan and adjacent waters -- 1949 Donald E. Powell and Henry H. Hildebrand PDF icon leaflet376.pdf
Cosmopolitan fish cookery for the Philippines Arthur C. Avery PDF icon leaflet377.pdf
Forrajes y alimentacion de la trucha A. V. Tunison PDF icon leaflet378.pdf
New England sink gill net Boris O. Knake PDF icon leaflet379.pdf
Byproducts of the government operated Alaska fur-seal industry, Ralph C. Baker PDF icon leaflet380.pdf
Fisheries of France Richard C. Desmond
Mesh size and construction as a factor in releasing small fish and shrimp from trawl nets Eugene W. Roelofs
Oyster culture in Japan A. R. Cahn PDF icon leaflet383.pdf
The sea lamprey in the Great Lakes Vernon C. Applegate
The exploratory fishing vessel John N. Cobb. PDF icon leaflet385.pdf
Part 1 -- Description of vessel J. G. Ellson PDF icon leaflet385.pdf
Part 2 -- John N. Cobb uses new rig for slow-speed trolling Sheldon W. Johnson PDF icon leaflet385.pdf
Pacific salmon drift gill netting Norman B. Wigutoff PDF icon leaflet386.pdf
Commercial salmon trolling Norman B. Wigutoff PDF icon leaflet387.pdf
The Japanese albacore fishery of the north central Pacific W. G. Campen, and B. M. Shimada PDF icon leaflet388.pdf
Japanese offshore trawling Francois Bourgois PDF icon leaflet389.pdf
Fishery resources of Turkey Bertha Carp PDF icon leaflet390.pdf
Technological studies of the starfish Charles F. Lee PDF icon leaflet391.pdf
Fisheries of the United States and Alaska, 1953. A preliminary review E. A. Power and C. E. Peterson PDF icon leaflet393.pdf
Gulf of Mexico shrimp trawl designs Harvey R. Bullis PDF icon leaflet394.pdf
A program for Japanese coastal fisheries William C. Herrington
The fisheries of Indonesia, R. H. Fiedler
Some publications on game-fish and sport fishing prepared in the Branch of Game-fish and Hatcheries
Clam culture in Japan A. R. Cahn PDF icon leaflet399.pdf
List of Fishery Leaflets 301 - 400 PDF icon leaflet400.pdf


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