Special Scientific Report - Fisheries (SSRF)

Established in 1949, this series consists of reports on scientific investigations which document long-term continuing programs of NMFS, and intensive reports on studies of restricted scope. Bibliographies of a specialized nature are also published in this series. In 1983 this subcategory of technical reports was merged with the Circular series into the NOAA Technical Report NMFS series; SSRF 783 was the last report published.

Maturity and spawning of skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) in the Atlantic Ocean, with comments on nematode infestation of the ovaries David C. Simmons PDF icon SSRF580.pdf
Zooplankton volume off the Pacific coast, 1960 James R. Thrailkill. PDF icon SSRF581.pdf
The Japanese Atlantic longline fishery, 1965, and the status of the yellowfin tuna and albacore stocks John P. Wise and William W. Fox, Jr. PDF icon SSRF582.pdf
Electrical installation for control of the northern squawfish Galen H. Maxfield, Gerald E. Monan, and Holbrook L. Garrett PDF icon SSRF583.pdf
Fur seal investigations, 1966 by BCF, Marine Mammal Biological Laboratory PDF icon SSRF584.pdf
Length-weight relation and conversion of "whole" and "headless" weights of royal-red shrimp, Hymenopenaeus robustus (Smith) Edward F. Klima. PDF icon SSRF585.pdf
The Trade Wind Zone Oceanography Pilot Study Part VII: Observations of sea birds March 1964 to June 1965 Warren B. King PDF icon SSRF586.pdf
Transplanting adult pink salmon to Sashin Creek, Baranof Island, Alaska, and survival of their progeny William J. McNeil, Stephen C. Smedley, and Robert J. Ellis PDF icon SSRF587.pdf
Processing of digital data logger STD tapes at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, La Jolla, California James H. Jones PDF icon SSRF588.pdf
Return and behavior of adults of the first filial generation of transplanted pink salmon, and survival of their progeny, Sashin Creek, Baranof Island, Alaska Robert J. Ellis PDF icon SSRF589.pdf
A bibliography of the lobsters, Genus Homarus R. D. Lewis. PDF icon SSRF591.pdf
Passage of adult salmon and trout through pipes Emil Slatick PDF icon SSRF592.pdf
Review of studies of tuna food in the Atlantic Ocean Alexander Dragovich PDF icon SSRF593.pdf
Seasonal and areal distribution of zooplankton in coastal waters of the Gulf of Maine, 1967 and 1968 Kenneth Sherman PDF icon SSRF594.pdf
Size, seasonal abundance, and length-weight relation of some scombrid fishes from southeast Florida Grant L. Beardsley, Jr. and William J. Richards PDF icon SSRF595.pdf
Fecundity, multiple spawnings, and description of the gonads in Sebastodes John S. MacGregor PDF icon SSRF596.pdf
Fur seal investigations, 1967 Marine Mammal Biological Laboratory PDF icon SSRF597.pdf
Size composition, sex ratio, and size at maturity of offshore northern lobsters Bernard E. Skud and Herbert C. Perkins PDF icon SSRF598.pdf
Diagnostic characters of juveniles of the shrimps Penaeus aztecus aztecus, P. duorarum duomrum, and P. brasiliensis (Crustacea, Decapoda, Penaeidae) Isabel Perez Farfante PDF icon SSRF599.pdf
Birectilinear recruitment curves to assess influence of lake size on survival of sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) to Bristol Bay and forecast runs Ralph P. Silliman PDF icon SSRF600.pdf
Effect of flow on performance and behavior of chinook salmon in fishways Clark S. Thompson PDF icon SSRF601.pdf
Biological characteristics of intertidal and freshwater spawning pink salmon at Olsen Creek, Prince William Sound, Alaska, 1962-63 John H. Helle. PDF icon SSRF602.pdf
Distribution and abundance of fish in the Yakima River, Wash., April 1957 to May 1958 Benjamin G. Patten, Richard B. Thompson, and William D. Gronlund PDF icon SSRF603.pdf
The flora and fauna of a basin in central Florida Bay J. Harold Hudson, Donald M. Allen, and T. J. Costello PDF icon SSRF604.pdf
Contributions to the life histories of several penaeid shrimps (Penaeidae) along the south Atlantic coast of the United States William W. Anderson PDF icon SSRF605.pdf
Annotated references on the Pacific saury, Cololabis saira Steven E. Hughes PDF icon SSRF606.pdf
Studies on continuous transmission frequency modulated sonar Frank J. Hester (editor) PDF icon SSRF607.pdf
Sonar target classification experiments with a continuous-transmission doppler sonar Frank J. Hester PDF icon SSRF607.pdf
Acoustic target strength of several species of fish H. W. Volberg PDF icon SSRF607.pdf
Preliminary designs of traveling screens to collect juvenile fish PDF icon SSRF608.pdf
Traveling screens for collection of juvenile salmon (models I and II) Daniel W. Bates and John G. Vanderwalker PDF icon SSRF608.pdf
Design and operation of a cantilevered traveling fish screen (model V) Daniel W. Bates, Ernest W. Murphey, and Earl F. Prentice
Annotated bibliography of zooplankton sampling devices Jack W. Jossi PDF icon SSRF609.pdf
Limnological study of lower Columbia River, 1967-68 Shirley M. Clark and George R. Snyder PDF icon SSRF610.pdf
Laboratory tests of an electrical barrier for controlling predation by northern squawfish Galen H. Maxfield, Robert H. Lander, and Charles D. Volz. PDF icon SSRF611.pdf
The Trade Wind Zone Oceanography Pilot Study. Part VIII: Sea-level meteorological properties and heat exchange processes, July 1963 to June 1965 Gunter R. Seckel PDF icon SSRF612.pdf
Sea-bottom photographs and macrobenthos collections from the Continental Shelf off Massachusetts Roland L. Wigley and Roger B. Theroux PDF icon SSRF613.pdf
A sled-mounted suction sampler for benthic organisms Donald M. Allen and J. Harold Hudson. PDF icon SSRF614.pdf
Distribution of fishing effort and catches of skipjack tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis, in Hawaiian waters, by quarters of the year, 1948-65 Richard N. Uchida PDF icon SSRF615.pdf
Effect of quality of the spawning bed on growth and development of pink salmon embryos and alevins Ralph A. Wells and William J. McNeil PDF icon SSRF616.pdf
Fur seal investigations, 1968 NMFS, Marine Mammal Biological Laboratory PDF icon SSRF617.pdf
Spawning areas and abundance of steelhead trout and coho, sockeye, and chum salmon in the Columbia River Basin-past and present, Leonard A. Fulton PDF icon SSRF618.pdf
Macrozooplankton and small nekton in the coastal waters off Vancouver Island (Canada) and Washington, spring and fall of 1963 Donald S. Day. PDF icon SSRF619.pdf
The Trade Wind Zone Oceanography Pilot Study. Part IX: The sea-level wind field and wind stress values, July 1963 to June 1965 Gunter R. Seckel PDF icon SSRF620.pdf
Predation by sculpins on fall chinook salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, fry of hatchery origin Benjamin G. Patten PDF icon SSRF621.pdf
Numbers and lengths, by season, of fishes caught with an otter trawl near Woods Hole, Massachusetts, September 1961 to December 1962 F. E. Lux and F. E. Nichy PDF icon SSRF622.pdf
Apparent abundance, distribution, and migrations of albacore, Thunnus alalunga, on the North Pacific longline ground Brian J. Rothschild and Marian Y. Y. Yong PDF icon SSRF623.pdf
Influence of mechanical processing on the quality and yield of bay scallop meats N. B. Webb and F. B. Thomas PDF icon SSRF624.pdf
Distribution of salmon and related oceanographic features in the North Pacific Ocean, spring 1968 Robert R. French, Richard G. Bakkala, Masanao Osako PDF icon SSRF625.pdf
Commercial fishery and biology of the fresh-water shrimp, Macrobrachium, in the lower St. Paul River, Liberia, 1952-53 George C. Miller PDF icon SSRF626.pdf


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