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MarineFisheries Review



The Status of the United States Population of Night Shark, Carcharhinus signatus
by John K. Carlson, Enric Cortes, Julie A. Neer,
Camilla T. McCandless, and Lawrence R. Beerkircher

Transboundary Movement of Atlantic Istiophorid Billfishes Among International
and U.S. Domestic Management Areas Inferred from Mark-Recapture Studies

by E. S. Orbesen, J. P. Hoolihan, J. E. Serafy,
D. Snodgrass, E. M. Peel, and E. D. Prince

Stanford University’s John Otterbein Snyder:
Student, Collaborator, and Colleague of David Starr Jordan and Charles Henry Gilbert

by Martin R. Brittan and Mark R. Jennings

Fisheries History

My Days on the Albatross
by Seaton Schroeder

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