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MarineFisheries Review



History of Alaska Red King Crab, Paralithodes camtschaticus, Bottom Trawl Surveys, 1940-61
by Mark Zimmermann, C. Braxton Dew, and Beverly A. Malley

Overview of the U.S. East Coast Bottom Longline Shark Fishery, 1994-2003
by Alexia Morgan, Peter W. Cooper, Tobey Curtis, and George H. Burgess

Catches of Humpback Whales, Megaptera novaeangliae, by the Soviet Union
and Other Nations in the Southern Ocean, 1947-1973

by Phil Clapham, Yuri Mikhalev, Wally Franklin, David Paton,
C. Scott Baker, Yulia V. Ivashchenko, and Robert L. Brownell, Jr.


A Whale of a Deception
by Phil Clapham and Yulia Ivashchenko

Errata: Marine Fisheries Review 70(2)

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