Conservation Bulletin

Conservation Bulletins


A Department of the Interior series of popular informational or advisory booklets adapted to the interests of the people of the different sections of the country, with contributions from the Fish and Wildlife Service and other bureaus of the Department.

No. 22. Fishes of Glacier National Park Montana
by Leonard P. Schultz, 1941, 42 p.


No. 27. Wartime Fish Cookery
by Elizabeth Fuller Whiteman, 1943, 24 p.


No. 28. Home Canning of Fishery Products
by Norman D. Jarvis and Joseph F. Puncochar, 1946, 31 p.


No. 33. Food From the Sea: Fish and Shellfish of New England
by Rachel L. Carson, 1943, 74 p.


No. 34. Food From Home Waters: Fishes of the Middle West
by Rachel L. Carson, 1943, 44 p.


No. 35. Fish Stocking as Related to the Management of Inland Waters
by M. C. James, O. L. Meehean, and E. J. Douglass, 1944, 22 p.


No. 37. Fish and Shellfish of the South Atlantic and Gulf Coasts
by Rachel L. Carson, 1944, 45 p.


No. 38. Fish and Shellfish of the Middle Atlantic Coast
by Rachel L. Carson, 1945, 32 p.