Reports in the NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS (TM) series, published by NMFS Offices and Science Centers, are used for timely documentation and communication of preliminary results, interim reports, or more localized or special purpose information. NMFS Offices and Science Centers are each responsible for reviews and technical accuracy of TMs. The TMs are numbered publications and are published online.

The NMFS Scientific Publications Office publishes the F/SPO series for reports that are authored by Office of Science and Technology staff, and occasionally for other offices when the subject matter is national in scope. The office also coordinates publication of the OHC, OPR, and OSF Tech. Memo. series.

For more information on preparing and submitting a Tech. Memo. to the F/SPO, OHC, OPR or OSF Tech. Memo. series, please see the links below. For the Science Center TM series (NEFSC, SEFSC, PIFSC, SWFSC, AFSC, and NWFSC), please contact your Center's editor or Communications lead for submission procedures.