Age and growth of swordfish (Xiphias gladius) caught by the Hawaii-based pelagic longline fishery


DeMartini, Edward E., James H. Uchiyama, Robert L. Humphreys Jr., Jeffrey D. Sampaga, and Happy A. Williams
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We verified the age and growth of swordfish (Xiphias gladius) by comparing ages determined from annuli in fin ray sections with daily growth increments in otoliths. Growth of swordfish of exploitable sizes is described on the basis of annuli present in cross sections of the second ray of the first anal fins of 1292 specimens (60−260 cm eye-to-fork length, EFL) caught in the region of the Hawaii-based pelagic longline fishery. The position of the initial fin ray annulus of swordfish was verified for the first time with the use of scanning electron micrographs of presumed daily growth increments present in the otoliths of juveniles. Fish growth through age 7 was validated by marginal increment analysis. Faster growth of females was confirmed, and the standard von Bertalanffy growth model was identified as the most parsimonious for describing growth in length for fish greater than 60 cm EFL. The observed growth of three fish, a year-old in size when first caught and then recaptured from 364 to 1490 days later, is consistent with modeled growth for fish of this size range. Our novel approach to verifying age and growth should increase confidence in conducting an age-structured stock assessment for swordfish in the North Pacific Ocean.