Vol. 116, issues 3 and 4 are being combined into one issue (3-4). Additional articles for this issue will be published online as they are prepared. The complete online edition will be published by October 2018.

Adam G. Fox, Edward S. Stowe, Keith J. Dunton, and Douglas L. Peterson
Published online 15 May 2018
Phoebe A. Woodworth-Jefcoats, Jeffrey J. Polovina, and Jeffrey C. Drazen
Published online 24 May 2018
Christina M. Schobernd, M. Conor McManus, Joanne Lyczkowski-Shultz, Nathan M. Bacheler, and Denice M. Drass
Published online 31 May 2018
Bryce N. Oldemeyer, Timothy Copeland, and Brian P. Kennedy
Published online 7 June 2018
Mattias L. Johansson, Marisa N.C. Litz, Richard D. Brodeur, Tristan A. Britt, Camilo A. Vanegas, John R. Hyde, and Michael A. Banks
Published online 10 July 2018
George A. Maynard, Lisa K. Izzo, and Joseph D. Zydlewski
Published online 20 July 2018
Dariusz P. Fey, Adam M. Lejk, and Martyna Greszkiewicz
Published online 5 September 2018
Francisco Córdova-Zavaleta, Jaime Mendo, Sergio A. Briones-Hernández, Nicolas Acuña-Perales, Adriana Gonzalez-Pestana, Joanna Alfaro-Shigueto, and Jeffrey C. Mangel
Published online 11 September 2018
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