Articles are published online as they are completed. This combined issue, Vol. 117, No. 1-2, will be online in April 2019.

Duane E. Stevenson, Gerald R. Hoff, James W. Orr, Ingrid Spies, and Christopher N. Rooper
Published online 21 November 2018
Eric S. Orbesen, Craig A. Brown, Derke Snodgrass, Joseph E. Serafy, and John F. Walter III
Published online 12 December 2018
Nancy J. Brown-Peterson, Christopher R. Peterson, and Gary R. Fitzhugh
Published online 19 December 2018
C. J. Carroll Schlick and Kim de Mutsert
Published online 22 February 2019
Lisa J. Natanson, Bethany M. Deacy, Warren Joyce, and James Sulikowski
Published online 25 March 2019
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