Articles for this issue are published online as they are completed. The full issue will be published in print after all articles have been published online.    

Douglas R. Zemeckis, Jeff Kneebone, Connor W. Capizzano, Eleanor A. Bochenek, William S. Hoffman, Thomas M. Grothues, John W. Mandelman, and Olaf P. Jensen
Published online 1 May 2020
David E. Richardson, Lauren Carter, Kiersten L. Curti, Katrin E. Marancik, and Martin Castonguay
Published online 4 May 2020
Joseph A. Langan, M. Conor McManus, Douglas R. Zemeckis, and Jeremy S. Collie
Published online 29 May 2020
Noah Ben-Aderet, Erin M. Johnston, Richard Cravey, and Stuart A. Sandin
Published online 3 June 2020
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