Fishery Facts

The series Fishery Facts documented developments in research in the fishery sciences, including biology, technology, and engineering. The publications were written by scientists and other staff members of the National Marine Fisheries Service.

1. Redfish, by George F. Kelly, Paul M. Earl, John D. Kaylor, Fred E. Lux, Henry R. McAvoy, and Ernest D. McRae. October 1972, 18 p.

2. Alaska's fishery resources-the Pacific herring, by Gerald M. Reid. June, 1972, 20 p.

3. Dungeness crab pots, by Fred W. Hipkins. June 1972, 13 p.

4. Inshore lobster fishing, by John T. Everett. October 1972, 26 p.

5. Sportsman's guide to handling, smoking, and preserving coho salmon, by Shearon Dudley, J. T. Graikoski, H. L. Seagran, and Paul M. Earl. June 1973, 28 p.

6. Alaska's fishery resources-the Dungeness crab, by David T. Hoopes. November 1973, 14 p.

7. A trapping system for harvesting sablefish - Anoplopoma fimbria, by Fred W. Hipkins. November 1974, 20 p.

8. Sanitation recommendations for fresh and frozen fish plants, by J. Perry Lane. November 1974, 39 p.

9. Design and materials used in construction of a 16-foot shrimp trawl, by Elmer J. Gutherez, Anthony F. Serra, and Edward F. Klima. December 1974, 14 p.

10. How to build marine artificial reefs, by R. O. Parker, Jr., R. B. Stone, C. C. Buchanan, and F. W. Steimle, Jr. December 1974, 47 p.