NOAA Technical Report NMFS

The NOAA Technical Report NMFS series was replaced by the NOAA Professional Paper NMFS series in 2003.

All 154 Technical Reports from this discontinued series are linked below in PDF format. To view and print them, you will need to use a portable document format (PDF) viewing software, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have not already installed a viewer you can temporarily leave the National Marine Fisheries Service web site and download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please note that reference to trade names or commercial firms does not imply endorsement by the National Marine Fisheries Service. Also please be aware that files may be large and graphic-intensive and thus may be slow to display.

TR 1. Synopsis of biological data on the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus Rathbun Mark R. Millikin and Austin B. Williams PDF icon tr1.pdf
TR 127. The history, present condition, and future of the molluscan fisheries of North and Central America and Europe, Volume 1, Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Edited by Clyde L. MacKenzie, Jr., Victor G. Burrell, Jr., Aaron Rosenfield, and Willis L. Hobart. PDF icon tr127.pdf
TR 128. The history, present condition, and future of the molluscan fisheries of North and Central America and Europe, Volume 2, Pacific coast. Edited by Clyde L. MacKenzie, Jr., Victor G. Burrell, Jr., Aaron Rosenfield, and Willis L. Hobart. PDF icon tr128.pdf
TR 1. Synopsis of biological data on the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus Rathbun Mark R. Millikin and Austin B. Williams PDF icon tr1.pdf
TR 2. Development of hexagrammids (Pisces: Scorpaeniformes) in the Northeastern Pacific Ocean Arthur W. Kendall, Jr. and Beverly Vinter PDF icon tr2.pdf
TR 3. Configurations and relative efficiencies of shrimp trawls employed in southeastern United States waters John W. Watson, Jr., Ian K. Workman, Charles W. Taylor, and Anthony F. Serra PDF icon tr3.pdf
TR 4. Management of northern fur seals on the Pribilof Islands, Alaska, 1786-1981 Alton Y. Roppel PDF icon tr4.pdf
TR 5. Net phytoplankton and zooplankton in the New York Bight, January 1976 to February 1978, with comments on the effects of wind, Gulf Stream eddies, and slope water intrusions. Daniel E. Smith and Jack W. Jossi PDF icon tr5.pdf
TR 6. Ichthyoplankton survey of the estuarine and inshore waters of the Florida Everglades, May 1971 to February 1972. L. Alan Collins and John H. Finucane PDF icon tr6.pdf
TR 7. The feeding ecology of some zooplankters that are important prey items of larval fish. Jefferson T. Turner PDF icon tr7.pdf
TR 8. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Age Determination of Oceanic Pelagic Fishes: Tunas, Billfishes, and Sharks. Eric D. Prince (convener and editor) and Lynn M. Pulos (editor) PDF icon tr8.pdf
TR 9. Sampling statistics in the Atlantic menhaden fishery. Alexander J. Chester PDF icon tr9.pdf
TR 10. Proceedings of the seventh U.S.-Japan meeting on aquaculture, marine finfish culture, Tokyo, Japan, October 3-4, 1978. Carl J. Sindermann (editor) PDF icon tr10.pdf
TR 11. Taxonomy of North American fish eimeriidae Steve J. Upton, David W. Reduker, William L. Current, and Donald W. Duszynski. PDF icon tr11.pdf
TR 12. Soviet-American cooperative research on marine mammals. Volume 1--pinnipeds. Francis H. Fay and Gennadii A. Fedoseev (editors) PDF icon tr12.pdf
TR 13. Guidelines for reducing porpoise mortality in tuna purse seining. James M. Coe, David B. Holts, and Richard W. Butler PDF icon tr13.pdf
TR 14. Synopsis of biological data on shortnose sturgeon, Acipenser brevirostrum LeSueur 1818. Michael J. Dadswell, Bruce D. Taubert, Thomas S. Squiers, Donald Marchette, and Jack Buckley PDF icon tr14.pdf
TR 15. Chaetognatha of the Caribbean Sea and adjacent areas. Harding B. Michel PDF icon tr15.pdf
TR 16. Proceedings of the ninth and tenth U.S.-Japan meetings on aquaculture Carl J. Sindermann (editor) PDF icon tr16.pdf
TR 17. Identification and estimation of size from the beaks of 18 species of cephalopods from the Pacific Ocean. Gary A. Wolff. PDF icon tr17.pdf
TR 18. A temporal and spatial study of invertebrate communities associated with hard-bottom habitats in the South Atlantic Bight. E. L. Wenner, P. Hinde, D. M. Knott, and R. F. Van Dolah PDF icon tr18.pdf
TR 20. Ichthyoplankton of the Continental Shelf near Kodiak Island, Alaska. Arthur W. Kendall, Jr., and Jean R. Dunn PDF icon tr20.pdf
TR 21. Annotated bibliography on hypoxia and its effects on marine life, with emphasis on the Gulf of Mexico. Maurice L. Renaud PDF icon tr21.pdf
TR 22. Congrid eels of the eastern Pacific and key to their leptocephali. Solomon N. Raju PDF icon tr22.pdf
TR 23. Synopsis of biological data on the pinfish, Lagodon rhomboides (Pisces: Sparidae) George H. Darcy PDF icon tr23.pdf
TR 24. Temperature conditions in the cold pool 1977-81: a comparison between southern New England and New York transects. Steven K. Cook PDF icon tr24.pdf
TR 25. Parasitology and pathology of marine organisms of the world ocean. William J. Hargis, Jr. (editor) PDF icon tr25.pdf
TR 26. Synopsis of biological data on the sand perch, Diplectrum formosum (Pisces: Serranidae) George H. Darcy PDF icon tr26.pdf
TR 27. Proceedings of the eleventh U.S.-Japan meeting on aquaculture, salmon enhancement, Tokyo, Japan, October 19-20, 1982. Carl J. Sindermann (editor) PDF icon tr27.pdf
TR 28. Review of geographical stocks of tropical dolphins (Stenella spp. and Dephinus delphis) in the eastern Pacific. William F. Perrin, Michael D. Scott, G. Jay Walker, and Virginia L. Cass PDF icon tr28.pdf
TR 29. Prevalence, intensity, longevity, and persistence of Anisakis sp. larvae and Lacistorhynchus tenuis metacestodes in San Francisco striped bass. Mike Moser, Judy A. Sakanari, Carol A. Reilly, and Jeannette Whipple PDF icon tr29.pdf
TR 30. Synopsis of biological data on the pink shrimp, Pandalus borealis Kroyer, 1838. Sandra E. Shumway, Herbert C. Perkins, Daniel F. Schick, and Alden P. Stickney PDF icon tr30.pdf
TR 31. Shark catches from selected fisheries off the U.S. east coast. Emory D. Anderson, John G. Casey, John J. Hoey, and W. N. Witzell PDF icon tr31.pdf
TR 32. Nutrient distributions for Georges Bank and adjacent waters in 1979 A. F. J. Draxler, A. Matte, R. Waldhauer, and J. E. O'Reilly PDF icon tr32.pdf
TR 33. Marine flora and fauna of the Northeastern United States. Echinodermata: Echinoidea. D. Keith Serafy and F. Julian Fell PDF icon tr33.pdf
TR 34. Additions to a revision of the shark genus Carcharhinus: synonymy of Aprionodon and Hypoprion, and description of a new species of Carcharninus (Carcharhinidae). J. A. F. Garrick PDF icon tr34.pdf
TR 35. Synoptic review of the literature on the Southern Oyster Drill Thais haemastoma floridana. Philip A. Butler PDF icon tr35.pdf
TR 36. An egg production method for estimating spawning biomass of pelagic fish: application to the northern anchovy, Engraulis mordax. Reuben Lasker (editor) PDF icon tr36.pdf
TR 37. A histopathologic evaluation of gross lesions excised from commercially important North Atlantic marine fishes. Robert A. Murchelano, Linda Despres-Patanjo, and John Ziskowski PDF icon tr37.pdf
TR 38. Fishery atlas of the northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Richard N. Uchida and James H. Uchiyama (editors) PDF icon tr38.pdf
TR 39. Survey of fish protective facilities at water withdrawal sites on the Snake and Columbia Rivers. George A. Swan, Tommy G. Withrow, and Donn L. Park PDF icon tr39.pdf
TR 40. The potential impact of ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) on fisheries. Edward P. Myers, Donald E. Hoss, Walter M. Matsumoto, David S. Peters, Michael P. Seki, Richard N. Uchida, John D. Ditmars, and Robert A. Paddock PDF icon tr40.pdf
TR 41. A stationary visual census technique for quantitatively assessing community structure of coral reef fishes. James A. Bohnsack and Scott P. Bannerot PDF icon tr41.pdf
TR 42. Effects of temperature on the biology of the northern shrimp, Pandulus borealis, in the Gulf of Maine. Spencer Apollonio, David K. Stevenson, and Earl E. Dunton, Jr. PDF icon tr42.pdf
TR 43. Environment and resources of seamounts in the North Pacific. Richard N. Uchida, Sigeiti Hayasi, and George W. Boehlert (editors) PDF icon tr43.pdf
TR 44. Synopsis of biological data on the porgies, Calamus arctifrons and C. proridens (Pisces: Sparidae). George H. Darcy PDF icon tr44.pdf
TR 45. Meristic variation in Sebastes (Scorpaenidae), with an analysis of character association and bilateral pattern and their significance in species separation. Lo-chai Chen PDF icon tr45.pdf
TR 46. Distribution and relative abundance of pelagic nonsalmonid nekton off Oregon and Washington, 1979-84. Richard D. Brodeur and William G. Pearcy PDF icon tr46.pdf
TR 47. Reproduction, maturation, and seed production of cultured species: Proceedings of the twelfth U.S.-Japan meeting on aquaculture, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, October 25-29, 1983. Carl J. Sindermann (editor) PDF icon tr47.pdf
TR 48. Widow rockfish: Proceedings of a workshop, Tiburon, California, December 11-12, 1980. William H. Lenarz and Donald R. Gunderson (editors) PDF icon tr48.pdf


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