NOAA Technical Report NMFS

The NOAA Technical Report NMFS series was replaced by the NOAA Professional Paper NMFS series in 2003.

All 154 Technical Reports from this discontinued series are linked below in PDF format. To view and print them, you will need to use a portable document format (PDF) viewing software, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have not already installed a viewer you can temporarily leave the National Marine Fisheries Service web site and download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please note that reference to trade names or commercial firms does not imply endorsement by the National Marine Fisheries Service. Also please be aware that files may be large and graphic-intensive and thus may be slow to display.

TR 99. Marine flora and fauna of the northeastern United States Erect Bryozoa. John S. Ryland and Peter J. Hayward PDF icon tr99.pdf
TR 100. Marine flora and fauna of the eastern United States Dicyemida. Robert B. Short PDF icon tr100.pdf
TR 101. Larvae of nearshore fishes in oceanic waters near Oahu, Hawaii. Thomas A. Clarke PDF icon tr101.pdf
TR 102. Marine ranching. Proceedings of the seventeenth U.S.-Japan meeting on aquaculture Ise, Mie Prefecture, Japan, October 16, 17, and 18, 1988. Ralph S. Svrjcek (editor) PDF icon tr102.pdf
TR 103. Benthic macrofauna of the New York Bight, 1979-89. Robert N. Reid, David J. Radosh, Ann B. Frame, and Steven A. Fromm PDF icon tr103.pdf
TR 104. Incidental catch of marine mammals by foreign and joint venture trawl vessels in the U.S. EEZ of the North Pacific, 1973-88. Michael A. Perez and Thomas R. Loughlin PDF icon tr104.pdf
TR 105. Biology, oceanography, and fisheries of the North Pacific Transition Zone and subarctic frontal zone. Jerry A. Wetherall (editor) PDF icon tr105.pdf
TR 106. Marine ranching. Proceedings of the Eighteenth U.S.-Japan Meeting on Aquaculture Port Ludlow, Washington 18-19 September 1989. Ralph S. Svrjcek (editor) PDF icon tr106.pdf
TR 107. Field guide to the searobins (Prionotus and Bellator) in the Western North Atlantic. Mike Russell, Mark Grace, and Elmer J. Gutherz PDF icon tr107.pdf
TR 108. Marine debris survey manual. Christine A. Ribic, Trevor R. Dixon, and Ivan Vining PDF icon tr108.pdf
TR 109. Seasonal climatologies and variability of eastern tropical Pacific surface waters. Paul C. Fiedler PDF icon tr109.pdf
TR 110. The distribution of Kemp's ridley sea turtles (Lepidochelys kemp) along the Texas coast: An atlas. Sharon A. Manzella and Jo A. Williams PDF icon tr110.pdf
TR 111. Control of disease in aquaculture. Proceedings of the Nineteenth U.S.-Japan meeting on aquaculture, Ise, Mie Prefecture, Japan 29-30 October, 1990. Ralph S. Svrjcek (editor) PDF icon tr111.pdf
TR 112. Variability of temperature and salinity in the Middle Atlantic Bight and Gulf of Maine. Robert L. Benway, Jack W. Jossi, Kevin P. Thomas, and Julien R. Goulet PDF icon tr112.pdf
TR 113. Maturation of nineteen species of finfish off the northeast coast of the United States, 1985-1990. Loretta O'Brien, Jay Burnett, and Ralph K. Mayo PDF icon tr113.pdf
TR 114. Structure and historical changes in the groundfish complex of the eastern Bering Sea. Richard G. Bakkala PDF icon tr114.pdf
TR 115. Conservation biology of elasmobranchs. Steven Branstetter (editor) PDF icon tr115.pdf
TR 116. Description of early larvae of four northern California species of rockfishes (Scorpaenidae: Sebastes) from rearing studies. Guillermo Moreno PDF icon tr116.pdf
TR 117. Distribution, abundance, and biological characteristics of groundfish off the coast of Washington, Oregon, and California, 1977-1986. Thomas A. Dark and Mark E. Wilkins PDF icon tr117.pdf
TR 118. Pictorial guide to the groupers (Teleostei:Serranidae) of the Western North Atlantic. Mark Grace, Keven R. Rademacher, and Mike Russell PDF icon tr118.pdf
TR 119. Stocks of dolphins (Stenella spp. and Delphinus delphis) in the Eastern Tropical Pacific: A phylogeographic classification. Andrew E. Dizon, William F. Perrin, and Priscilla A. Akin PDF icon tr119.pdf
TR 120. Abundance and distribution of ichthyoplankton along an inshore-offshore transect in Onslow Bay, North Carolina. Allyn B. Powell and Roger E. Robbins PDF icon tr120.pdf
TR 121. Marine flora and fauna of the eastern United States, Platyhelminthes: Monogenea. Sherman S. Hendrix PDF icon tr121.pdf
TR 122. The summer flounder, scup, and black sea bass fishery of the Middle Atlantic Bight and southern New England waters. Gary R. Shepherd and Mark Terceiro PDF icon tr122.pdf
TR 123. NOAA Coastal Change Analysis Program (C-CAP): Guidance for regional implementation. J.E. Dobson, E. A. Bright, R. L. Ferguson, D. W. Field, L. L. Wood, K. D. Haddad, H. Iredale III, J. R. Jensen, V. V. Klemas, R. J. Orth, and J. P. Thomas PDF icon tr123.pdf
TR 124. Effects of the cessation of sewage sludge dumping at the 12-Mile Site. 12-Mile Dumpsite Symposium, Long Branch, New Jersey, June 1991. Anne L. Studholme, John E. O'Reilly, and Merton C. Ingham (editors) PDF icon tr124.pdf
TR 125. Population characteristics of Gulf menhaden, Brevoortia patronus. Douglas S. Vaughan, Eldon J. Levi, and Joseph W. Smith PDF icon tr125.pdf
TR 126. Ecology of juvenile walleye pollock, Theragra chalcogramma. Papers from the workshop "The Importance of Prerecruit Walleye Pollock to the Bering Sea and North Pacific Ecosystems," Seattle, Washington, 28-30 October 1993. Edited by Richard D. Brodeur, Patricia A. Livingston, Thomas R. Loughlin, and Anne B. Hollowed PDF icon tr126.pdf
TR 127. The history, present condition, and future of the molluscan fisheries of North and Central America and Europe, Volume 1, Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Edited by Clyde L. MacKenzie, Jr., Victor G. Burrell, Jr., Aaron Rosenfield, and Willis L. Hobart PDF icon tr127.pdf
TR 128. The history, present condition, and future of the molluscan fisheries of North and Central America and Europe, Volume 2, Pacific coast. Edited by Clyde L. MacKenzie, Jr., Victor G. Burrell, Jr., Aaron Rosenfield, and Willis L. Hobart PDF icon tr128.pdf
TR 129. The history, present condition, and future of the molluscan fisheries of North and Central America and Europe, Volume 3, Europe. Edited by Clyde L. MacKenzie, Jr., Victor G. Burrell, Jr., Aaron Rosenfield, and Willis L. Hobart PDF icon tr129.pdf
TR 130. Biology and management of sablefish, Anoplopoma fimbria. Papers from the International Symposium on the Biology and Management of Sablefish, Seattle, Washington, 13-15 April 1993. Edited by Mark E. Wilkins and Mark W. Saunders PDF icon tr130.pdf
TR 131. A photographic catalog of killer whales, Orcinus orca, from the central Gulf of Alaska to the southeastern Bering Sea Marilyn E. Dahlheim PDF icon tr131.pdf
TR 132. Stock composition of some sockeye salmon, Oncorhynchus nerk, catches in southeast Alaska, based on incidence of allozyme variants, freshwater ages, and a brain-tissue parasite Jerome Pella, Michele Masuda, Charles Guthrie III, Christine Kondzela, Anthony Gharrett, Adam Moles, and Gary Winans PDF icon tr132.pdf
TR 133. Ichthyoplankton adjacent to live-bottom habitats in Onslow Bay, North Carolina Allyn B. Powell and Roger E. Robbins PDF icon tr133.pdf
TR 134. Water temperatures and climatological conditions south of New England, 1974-83 Edited by Reed S. Armstrong PDF icon tr134.pdf
TR 135. Marine flora and fauna of the eastern United States: Acanthocephala Omar M. Amin PDF icon tr135.pdf
TR 136. Guidelines for the provision of garbage reception facilities at ports under MARPOL Annex V Barbara Wallace and James M. Coe PDF icon tr136.pdf
TR 137. Guide to the identification of larval and early juvenile poachers (Scorpaeniformes: Agonidae) from the Northeastern Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea Morgan S. Busby PDF icon tr137.pdf
TR 138. Southeastern U.S. deepwater reef fish assemblages, habitat characteristics, catches, and life history summaries R. O. Parker, Jr. and R. W. Mays PDF icon tr138.pdf
TR 139. Seasonal, horizontal, and vertical distribution of phytoplankton chlorophyll a in the northeast U.S. continental shelf ecosystem John E. O'Reilly and Christine Zetlin PDF icon tr139.pdf
TR 140. Quantitative composition and distribution of the macrobenthic invertebrate fauna of the continental shelf ecosystems of the northeastern United States Roger B. Theroux and Roland L. Wigley PDF icon tr140.pdf
TR 141. Marine flora and fauna of the eastern United States. Anthozoa: Actiniaria, Corallimorpharia, Ceriantharia, and Zoanthidea Kenneth P. Sebens PDF icon tr141.pdf
TR 142. Biology and fisheries of swordfish, Xiphias gladius. Papers from the International Symposium on Pacific Swordfish, Ensenada, Mexico, 11-14 December 1994. edited by Izadore Barrett, Oscar Sosa-Nishizaki, and Norman Bartoo PDF icon tr142.pdf
TR 143. Characteristics and causes of Texas marine strandings edited by Roger Zimmerman PDF icon tr143.pdf
TR 144. Distribution of Atlantic menhaden, Brevoortia tyrannus, purse-seine sets and catches from southern New England to North Carolina, 1985-96. Joseph W. Smith PDF icon tr144.pdf
TR 145. Distribution patterns of fish eggs in the U.S. northeast continental shelf ecosystem, 1977-1987 Peter Berrien and John Sibunka. PDF icon tr145.pdf
TR 146. Synopsis of biological data on the Nassau grouper, Epinephelus striatus (Bloch, 1792), and the jewfish, E. itajara (Lichtenstein,1822) Yvonne Sadovy and Anne-Marie Eklund. PDF icon tr146.pdf
TR 147. Investigation of unusual mortalities of bottlenose dolphins along the mid-Texas coastal bay ecosystem during 1992. A. A. Colbert, G. I. Scott, M. H. Fulton, E. F. Wirth, J. W. Daugomah, P. B. Key, E. D. Strozier, and S. B. Galloway PDF icon tr147.pdf
TR 148. The distribution and size composition of finfish, American lobster, and long-finned squid in Long Island Sound based on the Connecticut Fisheries Division bottom trawl survey, 1984-1994 Kurt F. Gottschall, Mark W. Johnson, and David G. Simpson PDF icon tr148.pdf


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