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Our Living Oceans 6th edition

Our Living Oceans: 6th edition


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Foreword and Preface

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National Overview

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Feature Article 1: Prelude to Sustainability: Ending Overfishing in U.S. Fisheries
Feature Article 2: Improving Fisheries Science with Advanced Sampling Technologies
Feature Article 3: Deep-sea Coral Ecosystems of the United States
Feature Article 4: Conservation and the Endangered Species Act: The National Marine Fisheries Service’s Cooperative and Proactive Approaches

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Unit 1: Northeast Demersal Fisheries
Unit 2: Northeast Pelagic Fisheries
Unit 3: Atlantic Anadromous Fisheries
Unit 4: Northeast Invertebrate Fisheries
Unit 5: Atlantic Highly Migratory Pelagic Fisheries
Unit 6: Atlantic Shark Fisheries
Unit 7: Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Coastal Pelagic Fisheries
Unit 8: Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Reef Fisheries
Unit 9: Southeast Drum and Croaker Fisheries
Unit 10: Southeast Menhaden Fisheries
Unit 11: Southeast and Caribbean Invertebrate Fisheries
Unit 12: Pacific Coast Salmon
Unit 13: Alaska Salmon
Unit 14: Pacific Coast and Alaska Pelagic Fisheries
Unit 15: Pacific Coast Groundfish Fisheries
Unit 16: Western Pacific Invertebrate Fisheries
Unit 17: Western Pacific Bottomfish and Groundfish Fisheries
Unit 18: Pacific Highly Migratory Pelagic Fisheries
Unit 19: Alaska Groundfish Fisheries
Unit 20: Alaska Shellfish Fisheries
Unit 21: Marine Mammals of the Alaska Region
Unit 22: Marine Mammals of the Pacific Region and Hawaii
Unit 23: Marine Mammals of the Atlantic Region and the Gulf of Mexico
Unit 24: Sea Turtles

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Appendix 1: Acknowledgements
Appendix 2: Fishery Management Councils, Their Jurisdictions, and Fishery Management Plans
Appendix 3: Principal Facilities of the National Marine Fisheries Service
Appendix 4: Stock Assessment Principles and Terms
Appendix 5: Common and Scientific Names of Species
Appendix 6: Acronyms and Abbreviations
Appendix 7: ESA Listed Species