Best Publication Awards: Previous

Best Publication Awards: Previous


“Best Publication Awards” are given to selected articles from Fishery Bulletin and Marine Fisheries Review each year. Papers considered for this award have at least one author that is an NMFS employee. Following are past winners with links to the PDF versions of the articles. Authors that are NMFS employees (or were when they wrote their articles) are listed in bold. To see the current winners, click here.

Previous Winners: Fishery Bulletin | Marine Fisheries Review

Fishery Bulletin

Vol. 96: Jerald S. Ault, J. A. Bohnsack, and G. A. Meester, A retrospective (1979-1996) multispecies assessment of coral reef fish stocks in the Florida Keys, p. 395-414.

Vol. 97: Allan W. Stoner, A. J. Bejda, J. P. Manderson, B. A. Phelan, L. L. Stehlik, and J. P. Pessutti, Behavior of winter flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus, during the reproductive season: Laboratory and field observations on spawning, feeding, and locomotion, p. 999-1016.

Vol. 98: James W. Orr and Ann C. Matarese, Revision of the genus Lepidopsetta Gill, 1862 (Teleostei: Pleuronectidae) based on larval and adult morphology, with a description of a new species from the north Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea, p. 539-582.

Vol. 99: Nancy C.H. Lo, John R. Hunter, and Richard Charter, Use of a continuous egg sampler for ichthyoplankton surveys: application to the estimation of daily egg production of Pacific sardine (Sardinops sagax) off California, p. 554-571.

Vol. 100: R. Bruce MacFarlane and Elizabeth C. Norton, Physiological ecology of juvenile chinook salmon (0ncorhynchus tshawytscha) at the southern end of their distribution, the San Francisco Estuary and Gulf of the Farallones, California, p. 244-257.

Vol. 101: John L. Butler, J. Thomas Barnes, Larry D. Jacobson, and H. Geoffery Moser, Biology and population dynamics of cowcod (Sebastes levis) in the southern California Bight, p. 260-280.

Vol. 103: Chris J. Harvey, Effects of El Niño events on energy demand and egg production of rockfish (Scorpaenidae: Sebastes): a bioenergetics approach, p. 71–83.

Vol. 104: John Butler, Melissa Neuman, Deanna Pinkard, Rikk Kvitek, and Guy Cochrane, The use of multibeam sonar mapping techniques to refine population estimates of the endangered white abalone (Haliotis sorenseni), p.521–532.

Vol. 105: Tara J. Anderson and Mary M. Yoklavich, Multiscale habitat associations of deepwater demersal fishes off central California, p. 168-179.

Vol. 106: Kyle W. Shertzer and Erik H. Williams, Fish assemblages and indicator species: reef fishes off the southeastern United States, p. 257-269.

Vol. 107: Jeffrey J. Polovina, Melanie Abecassis, Evan A. Howell, and Phoebe Woodworth.
Increases in relative abundance of mid-trophic level fishes concurrent with declines in apex predators in the subtropical North Pacific, 1996–2006, p. 523-531.

Vol. 107 (honorable mention): Richard Brill, Peter Bushnell, Leonie Smith, and Coley Speaks. The repulsive and feeding-deterrent effects of electropositive metals on juvenile sandbar sharks (Caracharhinus plumbeus), p. 298-307.

Vol. 108: Wesley S. Patrick, Paul Spencer, Jason Link, Jason Cope, John Field,
Donald Kobayashi, Peter Lawson, Todd Gedamke, Enric Cortés, Olav
Ormseth, Keith Bigelow, and William Overholtz.
Using productivity and susceptibility indices to assess the vulnerability of United States fish stocks to overfishing, p. 305-322.

Vol. 109: Stephen Ralston, André E. Punt, Owen S. Hamel, John D. DeVore, and Ramon J. Conser. A meta-analytic approach to quantifying scientific uncertainty in stock assessments, p. 217-231.

Vol. 110: Darin T. Jones, Christopher D. Wilson, Alex De Robertis, Christopher N. Rooper, Thomas C. Weber, and John L. Butler. Evaluation of rockfish abundance in untrawlable habitat: combining acoustic and complementary sampling tools, p. 332-343.

Vol. 111: Craig S. Rose, Carwyn F. Hammond, Allan W. Stoner, J. Eric Munk, and John R. Gauvin. Quantification and reduction of unobserved mortality rates for snow, southern Tanner, and red king crabs (Chionoecetes opilio, C. bairdi, and Paralithodes camtschaticus) after encounters with trawls on the seafloor, p. 42–53.

Vol. 112: E. Elizabeth Henderson, Karin A. Forney, Jay P. Barlow,John A. Hildebrand, Annie B. Douglas, John Calambokidis, and William J. Sydeman. Effects of fluctuations in sea-surface temperature on the occurrence of small cetaceans off  Southern California, p. 159-177.

Marine Fisheries Review

Vol. 60: Janet E. Mason, Declining rockfish lengths in the Monterey Bay, California, recreational fishery, 60(3):15-28.

Vol. 61: S. L. Perry, D. P. Demaster, and G. K. Silber, The great whales: History and status of six species listed as endangered under the U. S. Endangered Species Act of 1973, 61(1):1-74.

Vol. 62: Lisa S. Baraff and Thomas R. Loughlin, Trends and potential interactions between pinnipeds and fisheries of New England and the U.S. West Coast, 62(4):1-39.

Vol. 65: Charles W. Fowler, Tenents, Principles, and Criteria for Management: The Basis for Systemic Management, 65(2):1-55.

Vol. 66: Nancy E. Maloney, Sablefish, Anaplopoma fimbria, populations on Gulf of Alaska seamount, 66(3):1-12.

Vol. 67: Vladimir N. Burkanov and Thomas R. Loughlin. Distribution and Abundance of Steller Sea Lions, Eumetopias jubatus, on the Asian Coast, 1720's-2005, 67(2):1-62.

Vol. 69: Patrick Ressler, John A. Holmes, Guy W. Fleischer, Rebecca E. Thomas, and Kenneth C. Cooke. Pacific Hake, Merluccius productus, Autecology: A Timely Review, 69(1-4):1-24.

Vol. 71: Phil Clapham and Yulia Ivashchenko. A Whale of a Deception, 71(1):44-52.

Vol. 72: Susan Abbott-Jamieson and Patricia M. Clay. The long voyage to
including sociocultural analysis in NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service, 72(2):14-33.

Vol. 73: Yulia V. Ivashchenko, Phillip J. Clapham, and Robert L. Brownell Jr.
Soviet illegal whaling: the devil and the details, 73(3):1-19.

Vol. 74: Elizabeth Scott-Denton, Pat F. Cryer, Matt R. Duffy, Judith P. Gocke, Mike R. Harrelson, Donna L. Kinsella, James M. Nance, Jeff R. Pulver, Rebecca C. Smith, and Jo Anne Williams. Characterization of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic penaeid and rock shrimp fisheries based on observer data, 74(4):1-27.

Vol. 75: Jose Castro. Historical knowledge of sharks: ancient science, earliest American encounters, and American science, fisheries, and utilization, 75(4):1–26.

Vol. 76: Samantha Brooke. Federal Fisheries Observer Programs in the United States: over 40 years of independent data collection, 76(3):1-38.