These popular and semitechnical publications of general and regional interest were intended to aid conservation and management. They succeeded the Fishery Circular series and a former wildlife circular series. They were initially published by the Dept. of Interior's Fish and Wildlife Service, so some titles are on wildlife topics. Numbers listed with the symbol "§" below did not pertain to fisheries. In 1983 this subcategory of technical reports was merged with the SSRF series into the NOAA Technical Report NMFS series; CIRC 451 was the last report published.

Circular 1. Hints on bobcat trapping Stanley P. Young PDF icon CIRC1.pdf
Circular 2. Hints on coyote and wolf trapping Stanley P. Young PDF icon CIRC2.pdf
Circular 3. Mammals and birds of Alaska Frank Dufresne PDF icon CIRC3.pdf
Circular 4. A crisis in the haddock fishery William C. Herrington PDF icon CIRC4.pdf
Circular 5. Organization and officials concerned with wildlife protection: 1942 compiled by Harry C. Oberholser PDF icon CIRC5.pdf
Circular 6. Mountain lion trapping Stanley P. Young PDF icon CIRC6.pdf
Circular 7. Coyote control by means of den hunting Stanley P. Young and Harold W. Dobyns PDF icon CIRC7.pdf
Circular 8. Capturing foxes F. E. Garlough PDF icon CIRC8.pdf
Circular 9. Organizations and officials concerned with wildlife protection: 1945 compiled by Samuel Robinson PDF icon CIRC9.pdf
Circular 10. The mourning dove as a game bird Frederick C. Lincoln PDF icon CIRC10.pdf
Circular 11. DDT: Its effect on fish and wildlife Clarence Cottam and Elmer Higgins. PDF icon CIRC11.pdf
Circular 12. Propagation of minnows and other bait species J. R. Dobie, O. L. Meehean, and G. N. Washburn. PDF icon CIRC12.pdf
Circular 13. Rat-control methods PDF icon CIRC13.pdf
Circular 14. English and local common names of Philippine fishes Albert W. Herre and Agustin F. Umali. PDF icon CIRC14.pdf
Circular 15. Effects of DDT and other insecticides on fish and wildlife. Summary of investigations during 1947 Joseph P. Linduska and Eugene W. Surber. PDF icon CIRC15.pdf
Circular 16. Migration of birds Frederick C. Lincoln and illustrated by Bob Hines PDF icon CIRC16.pdf
Circular 17. Alaska's fish and wildlife Clarence J. Rhode and Will Barker PDF icon CIRC17.pdf
Circular 20. Fresh and frozen fish buying manual. PDF icon CIRC20.pdf
Circular 21. Survey of fishery activities 1953; a catalogue of current research and management projects pertaining to the sport fisheries of the United States compiled by the Branch of Federal Aid PDF icon CIRC21.pdf
Circular 23. Indexes of transportation rates for fishery products M. J. Garfield PDF icon CIRC23.pdf
Circular 24. Pacific salmon, hatchery propagation and its role in fishery management William Hagen, Jr. PDF icon CIRC24.pdf
Circular 25. This is a salmon hatchery, producing salmon to maintain commercial and sport fisheries. PDF icon CIRC25.pdf
Circular 26. Survey of sport fishery projects, 1954 compiled in the Branch of Federal Aid. PDF icon CIRC26.pdf
Circular 27. The Golden Eagle and its economic status Lee W. Arnold. PDF icon CIRC27.pdf
Circular 28. A visit to a Federal fish hatchery PDF icon CIRC28.pdf
Circular 29. Composition of cooked fish dishes, proximate analysis of dishes containing fish and shellfish. Charles F. Lee PDF icon CIRC29.pdf
Circular 30. The Bald Eagle and its economic status Ralph H. Imler and E. R. Kalmbach. PDF icon CIRC30.pdf
Circular 31. This is a trout hatchery, rearing and distributing trout to help maintain sport fishing. PDF icon CIRC31.pdf
Circular 32. The seals, sea-lions, and sea otter of the Pacific Coast Karl W. Kenyon and Victor B. Scheffer PDF icon CIRC32.pdf
Circular 33- 34. Control of small predators. Bob L. Burkholder. PDF icon CIRC33.pdf
Circular 35. Raising bait fishes John Dobie, O. Lloyd Meehean, S. F. Snieszko, and George N. Washburn PDF icon CIRC35.pdf
Circular 36. Fishery publication index, 1920- 54 Publications of the Bureau of Fisheries and fishery publications of the Fish and Wildlife Service, by series, authors, and subjects PDF icon CIRC36.pdf
Circular 37. Duck stamps and wildlife refuges. PDF icon CIRC37.pdf
Circular 41. Shrimp tips from New Orleans PDF icon CIRC41.pdf
Circular 42. This is Cortland: fish- cultural station, experimental hatchery, trout nutrition laboratory, in-service training school. PDF icon CIRC42.pdf
Circular 43. Glossary of marine conservation terms in English and Russian compiled by Paul S. Galtsoff PDF icon CIRC43.pdf
Circular 44. National survey of fishing and hunting; a report on the first nationwide economic survey of sport fishing and hunting in the United States, during the calendar year 1955. PDF icon CIRC44.pdf
Circular 45. Household consumer preference for canned fishery products, 1956. PDF icon CIRC45.pdf
Circular 46. Survey of sport fishery projects, 1956 compiled in the Branch of Federal Aid PDF icon CIRC46.pdf
Circular 48. Commercial fishing vessels and gear Gustaf T. Sundstrom, illustrator PDF icon CIRC48.pdf
Circular 50. Tips on cooking fish and shellfish Bureau of Commercial Fisheries in cooperation with United States fishing industry.
Circular 53. A market development plan for the New England groundfish industry prepared by Tradeways, Incorporated, New York, N.Y. PDF icon CIRC53.pdf
Circular 54. Research facilities of the United States Fishery Laboratory, Beaufort, North Carolina Gerald B. Talbot PDF icon CIRC54.pdf
Circular 55. Conservation notes--fishing for food PDF icon CIRC55.pdf
Circular 57. Progress in sport fishery research, 1957-58 compiled in the Branch of Fishery Research PDF icon CIRC57.pdf
Circular 58. Public fish culture in the United States, 1958, a statistical summary William Hagen and Joseph P. O'Connor PDF icon CIRC58.pdf
Circular 59. Alaska fisheries briefs Bureau of Commercial Fisheries PDF icon CIRC59.pdf
Circular 60. Take a can of salmon Bureau of Commercial Fisheries PDF icon CIRC60.pdf
Circular 61. Protecting our endangered birds. PDF icon CIRC61.pdf
Circular 62. Galveston Biological Laboratory fishery research for the year ending June 30, 1959 Bureau of Commercial Fisheries PDF icon CIRC62.pdf


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