These popular and semitechnical publications of general and regional interest were intended to aid conservation and management. They succeeded the Fishery Circular series and a former wildlife circular series. They were initially published by the Dept. of Interior's Fish and Wildlife Service, so some titles are on wildlife topics. Numbers listed with the symbol "§" below did not pertain to fisheries. In 1983 this subcategory of technical reports was merged with the SSRF series into the NOAA Technical Report NMFS series; CIRC 451 was the last report published.

Circular 121. The groundfish industries of New England and Canada. A comparative economic analysis Edward J. Lynch, Richard M. Doherty, and George P. Draheim PDF icon CIRC121.pdf
Circular 123. Annual report of Fisheries Loan Fund, fiscal year 1960 Office of Loans and Grants. PDF icon CIRC123.pdf
Circular 124. Research program of the Ichthyological Laboratory Daniel M. Cohen PDF icon CIRC124.pdf
Circular 125. Reservoirs for fish-rice farming Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Fish Farming Experimental Station PDF icon CIRC125.pdf
Circular 126. This is the Fish Farming Experimental Station, Stuttgart, Arkansas Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife PDF icon CIRC126.pdf
Circular 127. Progress in 1960 U.S. Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, Hawaii Area, Biological Laboratory, Honolulu, Hawaii. PDF icon CIRC127.pdf
Circular 128. Improving sport fishing by control of aquatic weeds Eugene W. Surber. PDF icon CIRC128.pdf
Circular 129. Galveston Biological Laboratory fishery research for the year ending June 30, 1961 PDF icon CIRC129.pdf
Circular 130. Seaweeds are not weeds PDF icon CIRC130.pdf
Circular 131, Farm reservoir fishes Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife
Circular 132. Progress in sport fishery research PDF icon CIRC132.pdf
Circular 133. Exempt trucking of fresh and frozen fish and shellfish in interstate commerce John D. Abrahamson and Carl P. Hoffman, Jr. PDF icon CIRC133.pdf
Circular 134. Monthly mean charts, sea surface temperature, north Pacific Ocean compiled by the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, Biological Laboratory, Stanford, Calif.
Circular 135. Programs and activities of the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries. PDF icon CIRC135.pdf
Circular 136. Abstracts of mourning dove literature. PDF icon CIRC136.pdf
Circular 137. Annual report, Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, for the year ending June 30, 1961. PDF icon CIRC137.pdf
Circular 138. Indian backgrounds of the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. PDF icon CIRC138.pdf
Circular 139. Annual report of the Technological Laboratory, Gloucester, Massachusetts, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1961 Joseph W. Slavin PDF icon CIRC139.pdf
Circular 140. Your Stake in Wetlands PDF icon CIRC140.pdf
Circular 141. Economic review of the Great Lakes commercial fisheries, 1940- 59 Keith D. Brouillard. PDF icon CIRC141.pdf
Circular 143. Effects of pesticides on fish and wildlife: a review of investigations during 1960. PDF icon CIRC143.pdf
Circular 144. Common parasites of fishes Glenn L. Hoffman and Carl J. Sindermann PDF icon CIRC144.pdf
Circular 145. The story of the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts Paul S. Galtsoff PDF icon CIRC145.pdf
Circular 146. Wildlife research progress PDF icon CIRC146.pdf
Circular 147. Commercial fisheries: research and development in the Great Lakes and Central Region, a long-range program of the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Region 4 staff, Bureau of Commercial Fisheries PDF icon CIRC147.pdf
Circular 148. Annual report of the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Biological Laboratory, Beaufort, N.C., for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1961 PDF icon CIRC148.pdf
Circular 149. Trident, a long range report of the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Bureau of Commercial Fisheries PDF icon CIRC149.pdf
Circular 150. Safety manual for fishermen, captains, and owners of New England fishing vessels, adapted for the fishing industry John J. Murray PDF icon CIRC150.pdf
Circular 151. Index of fishery biological papers by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service authors appearing in nongovernment publications, 1940-56 Lola T. Dees PDF icon CIRC151.pdf
Circular 152. Recreational fishing in the national wildlife refuges Winston A. Elkins and Robert W. Sharp.
Circular 153. The 1960 salt-water angling survey John R. Clark PDF icon CIRC153.pdf
Circular 154. Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Biological Laboratory, Galveston, Texas George A. Rounsefell PDF icon CIRC154.pdf
Circular 155. Organizing and operating fishery cooperatives in the United States Leslie D. McMullin PDF icon CIRC155.pdf
Circular 156. Producers' margins for food fish and shellfish David K. Sabock PDF icon CIRC156.pdf
Circular 157. 6 questions everybody asks at national fish hatcheries Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife.
Circular 158. A guide and key to the aquatic plants of the southeastern United States Don E. Eyles and J. Lynne Robertson, Jr., with illustrations by Garnet W. Jex. PDF icon CIRC158.pdf
Circular 159. Trout feeds and feeding Arthur M. Phillips, Jr., A. V. Tunison, and George C. Balzer PDF icon CIRC159.pdf
Circular 160. Progress in sport fishery research, 1962 compiled in the Branch of Fishery Research, Division of Sport Fisheries, Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife PDF icon CIRC160.pdf
Circular 161. Biological Laboratory, Galveston, Tex., fishery research for the year ending June 30,1962. PDF icon CIRC161.pdf
Circular 162. The soft-shell clam Robert W. Hanks PDF icon CIRC162.pdf
Circular 163. Progress in 1961-62 prepared by staff, Biological Laboratory, Honolulu, Hawaii, edited by Wilvan G. Van Campen. PDF icon CIRC163.pdf
Circular 164. A program of fishery research and services North Atlantic Region Region 3: Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, Gloucester, Mass. PDF icon CIRC164.pdf
Circular 165. Skipjack-a world resource prepared by staff of the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Biological Laboratories at Honolulu, San Diego, and Stanford PDF icon CIRC165.pdf
Circular 166. Wildlife research: problems, programs, progress. PDF icon CIRC166.pdf
Circular 167. Pesticide-wildlife studies: a review of Fish and Wildlife Service investigations during 1961 and 1962 PDF icon CIRC167.pdf
Circular 168. A survey of Japanese research on shellfisheries and seaweeds John B. Glude PDF icon CIRC168.pdf
Circular 169. The northern fur seal Ralph C. Baker, Ford Wilke, and C. Howard Baltzo PDF icon CIRC169.pdf
Circular 170. Monofilament gill net fishing for skipjack tuna in Hawaiian waters, 1961-62 Richard S. Shomura PDF icon CIRC170.pdf
Circular 171. Program of research and services for Alaska's commercial fisheries Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Region 5, Juneau, Alaska. PDF icon CIRC171.pdf
Circular 172. Sharks of the genus Carcharhinus associated with the tuna fishery in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean Susumu Kato PDF icon CIRC172.pdf


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