Special Scientific Report - Fisheries (SSRF)

Established in 1949, this series consists of reports on scientific investigations which document long-term continuing programs of NMFS, and intensive reports on studies of restricted scope. Bibliographies of a specialized nature are also published in this series. In 1983 this subcategory of technical reports was merged with the Circular series into the NOAA Technical Report NMFS series; SSRF 783 was the last report published.

Kishinouye's order Plecostei translated from the Japanese language by W. G. Van Campen PDF icon SSRF50.pdf
Japanese skipjack studies translated from the Japanese language by W. G. Van Campen PDF icon SSRF51.pdf
On the Japanese black tuna (Thunnus orientalis) translated from the Japanese language by W. G. Van Campen PDF icon SSRF52.pdf
Seasonal variations in toxicity of butter clams from selected Alaska beaches John S. Chambers and Harris W. Magnusson PDF icon SSRF53.pdf
Mid-Pacific oceanography, January-March 1950 Townsend Cromwell PDF icon SSRF54.pdf
Natural history of the sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) in Michigan. Vernon C. Applegate PDF icon SSRF55.pdf
Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta fishery resources; effects of Tracy Pumping Plant and Delta Cross Channel Leo F. Erkkila, James W. Moffett, Oliver B. Cope, Bernard R. Smith, and Reed S. Nielson PDF icon SSRF56.pdf
Survey of the Columbia River and its tributaries - Part 8 Zell E. Parkhurst PDF icon SSRF57.pdf
Fishery survey of southern coastal waters Raymond J. Buller PDF icon SSRF58.pdf
Tests of hatchery foods for blueback salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) 1944-1948 Roger E. Burrows, Leslie A. Robinson and David D. Palmer PDF icon SSRF59.pdf
Tests of hatchery foods for blueback salmon, 1949 Leslie A. Robinson, David D. Palmer and Roger E. Burrows PDF icon SSRF60.pdf
Sea lamprey spawning runs in the Great Lakes in 1950 Vernon C. Applegate and Bernard R. Smith PDF icon SSRF61.pdf
A study of the causes of death ofbait fishes Yasuo Suehiro PDF icon SSRF62.pdf
Tests of hatchery foods for blueback salmon, 1951 Leslie A. Robinson, Merl H. Payne, Jr., David D. Palmer and Roger E. Burrows PDF icon SSRF63.pdf
Effect of tagging on the subsequent behavior and condition of red salmon G. J. Eicher, Jr. PDF icon SSRF64.pdf
A fishway that shad ascend Gerald B. Collins PDF icon SSRF65.pdf
A survey of former shad streams in Maine Clyde C. Taylor PDF icon SSRF66.pdf
Salmon research at Deer Creek, Calif. Frederick K. Cramer and David F. Hammack PDF icon SSRF67.pdf
Sea lamprey spawning runs in the Great Lakes, 1951 Vernon C. Applegate, Bernard R. Smith, Alberton L. McLain and Matt Patterson PDF icon SSRF68.pdf
Water temperatures of the Willamette River Basin, 1950 Kingsley G. Weber and Lyle G. Schedin PDF icon SSRF69.pdf
Sea lamprey spawning; Michigan streams of Lake Superior Howard A. Loeb and Albert E. Hall, Jr. PDF icon SSRF70.pdf
Establishing tuna and other pelagic fishes in ponds and tanks Albert L. Tester PDF icon SSRF71.pdf
English translations of fishery literature; additional listings Leslie W. Scattergood PDF icon SSRF72.pdf
Zooplankton volumes off the Pacific coast 1951 the Staff of the South Pacific Fishery Investigations PDF icon SSRF73.pdf
Status of Columbia River blueback salmon runs, 1951 Harold A. Gangmark and Leonard A. Fulton PDF icon SSRF74.pdf
Water temperatures of California's Central Valley 1949-51 Oliver B. Cope PDF icon SSRF75.pdf
Migrations and habitat of the tuna (Thunnus thynnus L.), studied by the method of the hooks, with abservations on growth, on the operation of the fisheries, etc. M. Sella. R. Comitato Talassografico Italiano PDF icon SSRF76.pdf
Oceanographic conditions and the albacore grounds east of Cape Nojima Translated from the Japanese language by Wilvan G. Van Campen PDF icon SSRF77.pdf
On the relation between the tuna fishery and oceanographic conditions Takeshi Kawana PDF icon SSRF78.pdf
The Japanese tuna fishing industry Translated from the Japanese language by Wilvan G. Van Campen PDF icon SSRF79.pdf
Pilchard eggs and larvae and other fish larvae, Pacific coast, 1950 Elbert H. Ahlstrom PDF icon SSRF80.pdf
Yellowstone lake trout creel censuses, 1950-51 Harvey L. Moore, Olive B. Cope, and Richard E. Beckwith PDF icon SSRF81.pdf
The tunas and their fisheries Hiroshi Nakamura PDF icon SSRF82.pdf
Five Japanese papers on skipjack PDF icon SSRF83.pdf
Furunculosis of fish Bruce M. McCraw PDF icon SSRF84.pdf
25 years of federal fishery research on the Great Lakes Ralph Hile PDF icon SSRF85.pdf
Tests of hatchery foods for salmon, 1951 Roger E. Burrows, David D. Palmer, H. William Newman and Robert L. Azevedo PDF icon SSRF86.pdf
Doctoral dissertations on the management and ecology of fisheries; additional listings, 1952 prepared in the Branch of Fishery Biology PDF icon SSRF87.pdf
High speed plankton samplers Edgar L. Arnold, Jr., and Jack W. Gehringer PDF icon SSRF88.pdf
Offshore fishing in Bristol Bay and Bering Sea Joseph T. Barnaby PDF icon SSRF89.pdf
Experimental surface gill net fishing for skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis) in Hawaiian waters Walter M. Matsumoto PDF icon SSRF90.pdf
Reaction of tunas and other fishes to stimuli. PDF icon SSRF91.pdf
Use of electricity in the control of sea lampreys: electromechanical weirs and traps and electrical barriers Vernon C. Applegate, Bernard R. Smith, and Willis L. Nielsen PDF icon SSRF92.pdf
Directing the movement of fish with electricity Alberton L. McLain and Willis L. Nielsen PDF icon SSRF93.pdf
Passage of shad at the Bonneville fishways G. B. Talbot PDF icon SSRF94.pdf
Morphometric measurements of Pacific scombrids Dorothy I. Y. Dung and William F. Royce PDF icon SSRF95.pdf
Destruction of undersized haddock on Georges Bank Ernest D. Premetz PDF icon SSRF96.pdf
Sea lamprey spawning; Wisconsin and Minnesota streams of Lake Superior Howard A. Loeb PDF icon SSRF97.pdf
Longline fishing for deep-swimming tunas in the central Pacific, 1950-51 Garth I. Murphy and Richard S. Shomura PDF icon SSRF98.pdf
Trial of Denil-type fish ladder on Pacific salmon Leonard A. Fulton, Harold A. Gangmark, and Scott H. Bair PDF icon SSRF99.pdf


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