Special Scientific Report - Fisheries (SSRF)

Established in 1949, this series consists of reports on scientific investigations which document long-term continuing programs of NMFS, and intensive reports on studies of restricted scope. Bibliographies of a specialized nature are also published in this series. In 1983 this subcategory of technical reports was merged with the Circular series into the NOAA Technical Report NMFS series; SSRF 783 was the last report published.

Creel census on the Upper Mississippi River John Greenbank PDF icon SSRF202.pdf
Longline and troll fishing for tuna in the central equatorial Pacific, January 1955 to February 1956 Edwin S. Iversen and Howard O. Yoshida PDF icon SSRF203.pdf
Comparative study of populations of the striped bass Robert Minturn Lewis PDF icon SSRF204.pdf
Experimental fishing to determine distribution of salmon in the north Pacific Ocean, 1955 Donald E. Powell and Alvin E. Peterson PDF icon SSRF205.pdf
Neuse River shad investigations, 1953 Charles H. Walburg PDF icon SSRF206.pdf
Toxicity of 4,346 chemicals to larval lampreys and fishes Vernon C. Applegate, John H. Howell, A. E. Hall, Jr., and Manning A. Smith PDF icon SSRF207.pdf
Contributions to the study of subpopulations of fishes. John C. Marr PDF icon SSRF208.pdf
Guide to literature on systematic biology of Pacific salmon Norman J. Wilimovsky and Warren O. Freihofer PDF icon SSRF209.pdf
Physical oceanographic, biological, and chemical data, south Atlantic Coast of the United States Theodore N. Gill cruise 3 William W. Anderson and Jack W. Gehringer PDF icon SSRF210.pdf
The effects of unialgal and bacteria-free cultures of Gymnodinium brevis on fish and notes on related studies with bacteria S. M. Ray and William B. Wilson PDF icon SSRF211.pdf
Central north Pacific albacore surveys, May to November 1955 Joseph J. Graham PDF icon SSRF212.pdf
History of the great fishery of Newfoundland Robert de Loture PDF icon SSRF213.pdf
Surface water temperatures along Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States, Dean F. Bumpus PDF icon SSRF214.pdf
Chaetognaths and pteropods as biological indicators in the north Pacific Thomas S. Hida PDF icon SSRF215.pdf
Morphometric study of the striped bass, Roccus saxatilis William A. Lund, Jr. PDF icon SSRF216.pdf
Summary, oceanographic and fishery data, Marquesas Islands area, August-September 1956 (EQUAPAC) Thomas S. Austin PDF icon SSRF217.pdf
Fish and shellfish consumption in public eating and drinking places. Volume 1. Regional, type of establishment, city size and sales size analysis of United States total response to questionnaire. PDF icon SSRF218.pdf
The spawning behavior of the channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus, Howard P. Clemens and Kermit E. Sneed PDF icon SSRF219.pdf
Migrations of the horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus, in Plum Island Sound, Massachusetts John P. Baptist, Osgood R. Smith, and John W. Ropes PDF icon SSRF220.pdf
Zooplankton abundance in Hawaiian waters, 1953-54 Joseph E. King and Thomas S. Hida. PDF icon SSRF221.pdf
Survey of the ocean fisheries off Delaware Bay Fred C. June and John W. Reintjes PDF icon SSRF222.pdf
The response of tuna and other fish to electrical stimuli Iwao Miyake and Walter R. Steiger PDF icon SSRF223.pdf
Sardine eggs and larvae and other fish larvae, Pacific Coast, 1955 Elbert H. Ahlstrom and David Kramer PDF icon SSRF224.pdf
Studies on tilapia as skipjack bait Joseph E. King and Peter T. Wilson PDF icon SSRF225.pdf
U.S. Federal fishery research on the Great Lakes through 1956 Ralph Hile PDF icon SSRF226.pdf
English translations of fishery literature, additional listings, 1957 Leslie W. Scattergood PDF icon SSRF227.pdf
Photographic device for accurately measuring fish Clifford W. Long and Raymond A. Arzylowicz PDF icon SSRF228.pdf
History of Red Lakes fishery, 1917-38, with observations on population status John Van Oosten and Hilary J. Deason PDF icon SSRF229.pdf
Oceanographic and meteorological observations in the northeast and central North Pacific, July-December 1956 Richard J. Callaway PDF icon SSRF230.pdf
Studies on the marking of commercial shrimp with biological stains C. E. Dawson PDF icon SSRF231.pdf
Zooplankton volumes off the Pacific Coast, 1956 James R. Thrailkill PDF icon SSRF232.pdf
Oceanographic observations, 1956, east coast of the United States D.F. Bumpus PDF icon SSRF233.pdf
Physical oceanographic, biological, and chemical data, south Atlantic Coast of the United States, M/V Theodore N. Gill cruise 4 William W. Anderson and Jack W. Gehringer PDF icon SSRF234.pdf
Survey of shrimp fisheries of Central and South America Milton J. Lindner PDF icon SSRF235.pdf
Downstream movement of salmonids at Bonneville Darn Joseph E. Gauley, Raymond E. Anas, and Lewis C. Schlotterbeck PDF icon SSRF236.pdf
Food of salmonid fishes of the western north Pacific Ocean George H. Allen and William Aron PDF icon SSRF237.pdf
Marquesas area oceanographic and fishery data January-March 1957 Robert C. Wilson and Murice O. Rinkel PDF icon SSRF238.pdf
Water quality studies in the Columbia River Basin Robert O. Sylvester PDF icon SSRF239.pdf
Selected references on the channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus Carl D. Riggs PDF icon SSRF240.pdf
Hull insurance and protection and indemnity insurance of commercial fishing vessels Warner C. Danforth and Chris A. Theodore PDF icon SSRF241.pdf
Drift bottle records for Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank Dean F. Bumpus and C. Godfrey Day PDF icon SSRF242.pdf
Wind atlas of the north Pacific James W. McGary and Thomas M. Naito PDF icon SSRF243.pdf
Use of diagnostic X-ray for determining vertebral numbers of fish Doyle F. Sutherland PDF icon SSRF244.pdf
Cod and hydrography - a review John P. Wise PDF icon SSRF245.pdf
Diversion of adult salmon by an electrical field Roger E. Burrows PDF icon SSRF246.pdf
Further studies on green or offcolor condition in precooked yellowfin tuna John J. Naughton, Michael M. Frodyma, and Harry Zeitlin PDF icon SSRF247.pdf
Physical oceanographic, biological, and chemical data, south Atlantic Coast of the United States M/V Theodore N. Gill cruise 5, by William W. Anderson and Jack W. Gehringer PDF icon SSRF248.pdf
Gulf of Mexico physical and chemical data from Alaska cruises, compiled by Albert Collier, with a note on some aspects of the physical oceanography of the Gulf of Mexico Kenneth H. Drummond and George B. Austin, Jr. PDF icon SSRF249.pdf
Catch rate, size, sex, and food of tunas and other pelagic fishes taken by trolling off Oahu, Hawaii, 1951- 55 Albert L. Tester and Eugene L. Nakamura PDF icon SSRF250.pdf
Sardine eggs and larvae and other fish larvae, Pacific Coast, 1956 Elbert H. Ahlstrom PDF icon SSRF251.pdf


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