Special Scientific Report - Fisheries (SSRF)

Established in 1949, this series consists of reports on scientific investigations which document long-term continuing programs of NMFS, and intensive reports on studies of restricted scope. Bibliographies of a specialized nature are also published in this series. In 1983 this subcategory of technical reports was merged with the Circular series into the NOAA Technical Report NMFS series; SSRF 783 was the last report published.

The abundance and distribution of hard clams in Nantucket Sound, Massachusetts, 1958 John W. Ropes and Charles E. Martin PDF icon SSRF354.pdf
Capturing tagged red salmon with pulsed direct current Richard B. Thompson PDF icon SSRF355.pdf
Size distribution of pink shrimp Penaeus duorarum, and fleet concentrations on the Tortugas fishing grounds Edwin S. Iversen, Andrew E. Jones, and C. P. Idyll PDF icon SSRF356.pdf
Holding ponds for adult salmon Roger E. Burrows PDF icon SSRF357.pdf
Biological and oceanographic observations in the central north Pacific July-September 1958 James W. McGary and Joseph J. Graham PDF icon SSRF358.pdf
Oceanographic observations, 1959, east coast of the United States C. Godfrey Day PDF icon SSRF359.pdf
Passamaquoddy fisheries investigations, 1957-1958 Report to the International Joint Commission by International Passamaquoddy Fisheries Board. PDF icon SSRF360.pdf
Reference sources for marine mammalogy Gerald J. Oppenheimer PDF icon SSRF361.pdf
Main-stem and tributary sampling of red salmon scales for population studies Ted S. Y. Koo and Howard D. Smith PDF icon SSRF362.pdf
A review of literature on menhaden with special reference to the Gulf of Mexico menhaden, Brevoortia patronus Goode Gordon Gunter and J. Y. Christmas PDF icon SSRF363.pdf
Salmon runs - upper Columbia River, 1956-57 R. R. French and R. J. Wahle PDF icon SSRF364.pdf
Study of food preference and rate of feeding of Japanese oyster drill, Ocinebra japonica (Dunker) Kenneth K. Chew PDF icon SSRF365.pdf
Physical and chemical data for bottom sediments south Atlantic Coast of the United States, M/V Theodore N. Gill cruises 1-9 Joseph E. Moore and Donn S. Gorsline PDF icon SSRF366.pdf
Scallop resource of the United States Passamaquoddy area, Robert L. Dow and Frederick T. Baird, Jr. PDF icon SSRF367.pdf
A morphometric study of silver hake John T. Conover, Raymond L. Fritz, and Manuel Vieira PDF icon SSRF368.pdf
Counts of red tide organisms, Gymnodinium breve, and associated oceanographic data from Florida west coast, 1957-59 Alexander Dragovich, John H. Finucane, and Billie Z. PDF icon SSRF369.pdf
Status of fresh-water mussel stocks in the Tennessee River George D. Scruggs, Jr. PDF icon SSRF370.pdf
Experimental harvest of the Steller sea lion in Alaskan waters Fredrik V. Thorsteinson, Richard W. Nelson, and Dexter F. Lall PDF icon SSRF371.pdf
Relative abundance of plankton off Naples, Florida, and associated hydrographic data, 1956-57 Alexander Dragovich PDF icon SSRF372.pdf
Age and size composition of the menhaden catch along the Atlantic Coast of the United States, 1957, with a brief review of the commercial fishery Fred C. June PDF icon SSRF373.pdf
Zooplankton volumes off the Pacific Coast, 1958 James R. Thrailkill PDF icon SSRF374.pdf
New England haddock fishery biostatistics--1956 John R. Clark and Frank A. Dreyer PDF icon SSRF375.pdf
Methods for lipid analysis, an annotated bibliography Alvin L. Jensen PDF icon SSRF376.pdf
North Pacific and Bering Sea oceanography, 1959 Felix Favorite, Richard J. Callaway, and James F. Hebard PDF icon SSRF377.pdf
Drift bottle records for the Gulf of Maine, Georges Bank and Bay of Fundy, 1956-58 Dean F. Bumpus PDF icon SSRF378.pdf
Stomach content analysis of troll-caught king and coho salmon, southeastern Alaska, 1957-58 Gerald M. Reid PDF icon SSRF379.pdf
Water temperatures off the south Atlantic Coast of the United States, Theodore N. Gill cruises 1-9, 1953-54 William W. Anderson, Joseph E. Moore, and Herbert R. Gordy PDF icon SSRF380.pdf
Oceanographic observations in Bristol Bay and the Bering Sea, 1939-41 (USCGT Redwing) Felix Favorite, John W. Schantz, and Charles R. Hebard PDF icon SSRF381.pdf
A modified Beckman model DU Spectrophometer for seagoing use Robert W. Holmes and Robert J. Linn PDF icon SSRF382.pdf
Second survey of the occurrence of parasites and blemishes in Pacific ocean perch, Sebastodes alutus, May-June 1959 John Liston and Charles R. Hitz PDF icon SSRF383.pdf
Graphic presentation of Pacific sardine age composition data Robert S. Wolf PDF icon SSRF384.pdf
Sea surface temperature monthly average and anomaly charts, northeastern Pacific Ocean, 1947-58 James H. Johnson PDF icon SSRF385.pdf
Oceanographic observations made during a cooperative survey of albacore (Thunnus germo) off the North American west coast in 1959 Joseph J. Graham and William L. Craig PDF icon SSRF386.pdf
Downstream movement of lampreys and fishes in the Carp Lake River, Michigan Vernon C. Applegate PDF icon SSRF387.pdf
Tolerance of striped bass and American shad to changes of temperature and salinity Marlin E. Tagatz PDF icon SSRF388.pdf
Oceanic salinities off the south Atlantic Coast of the United States, Theodore N. Gill cruises 1-9, 1953-54 William-W. Anderson, Joseph E. Moore, and Herbert R. Gordy PDF icon SSRF389.pdf
Seasonal occurrence of marine fishes in four shore habitats near Beaufort, N.C., 1957-60 Marlin E. Tagatz and Donnie L. Dudley PDF icon SSRF390.pdf
Effects of DDT spray on fish and aquatic insects in Gallatin River drainage in Montana W. R. Bridges and Austin K. Andrews PDF icon SSRF391-392.pdf
Effects of DDT spray on stream bottom organisms in two mountain streams in Georgia Paul J. Frey PDF icon SSRF391-392.pdf
Menhaden eggs and larvae from M/V Theodore N. Gill cruises, south Atlantic Coast of the United States, 1953-54 John W. Reintjes PDF icon SSRF393.pdf
Annual fish passage report Rock Island Dam, Columbia River, Washington, 1959 Paul D. Zimmer, Clifton C. Davidson, and Floyd S. Anders PDF icon SSRF394.pdf
The trout fishery in Shenandoah National Park Robert E. Lennon PDF icon SSRF395.pdf
Oceanographic and biological data, Hawaiian waters, January-October 1959 Kenneth Sherman and Robert P. Brown PDF icon SSRF396.pdf
Winter water temperatures and an annotated list of fishes--Nantucket Shoals to Cape Hatteras, Albatross III cruise no. 126 Robert L. Edwards, Robert Livingstone, Jr., and Paul E. Hamer PDF icon SSRF397.pdf
Distribution offish eggs and larvae, temperature, and salinity in the Georges Bank-Gulf of Maine area, 1953 Robert R. Marak and John B. Colton, Jr. PDF icon SSRF398.pdf
Some effects of DDT on the guppy and the brown trout Susan Frances King PDF icon SSRF399.pdf
Tuna oceanography in the eastern tropical Pacific, Maurice Blackburn and associates PDF icon SSRF400.pdf
Survey of the benthic invertebrate fauna of the eastern Bering Sea Patsy, A. McLaughlin PDF icon SSRF401.pdf
Variations in the dissolved oxygen content of intragravel water in four spawning streams of southeastern Alaska William J. McNeil PDF icon SSRF402.pdf
Attempts to guide small fish with underwater sound Clifford J. Burner and Harvey L. Moore PDF icon SSRF403.pdf


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