Special Scientific Report - Fisheries (SSRF)

Established in 1949, this series consists of reports on scientific investigations which document long-term continuing programs of NMFS, and intensive reports on studies of restricted scope. Bibliographies of a specialized nature are also published in this series. In 1983 this subcategory of technical reports was merged with the Circular series into the NOAA Technical Report NMFS series; SSRF 783 was the last report published.

An oceanographic study of the Gulf of Tehuantepec Maurice BlackQurn PDF icon SSRF404.pdf
Interchange of stream and intragravel water in a salmon spawning riffle Walter G. Vaux PDF icon SSRF405.pdf
Oceanographic observations, 1960, east coast of the United States C. Godfrey Day PDF icon SSRF406.pdf
Waterflow through a salmon spawning riffle in southeastern Alaska William L. Sheridan PDF icon SSRF407.pdf
Variability in pink salmon escapements estimated from surveys on foot William L.Sheridan PDF icon SSRF408.pdf
Conversion of "whole" and "headless" weights in commercial Gulf of Mexico shrimps Joseph H. Kutkuhn PDF icon SSRF409.pdf
Spring and summer temperatures of streams tributary to the south shore of Lake Superior, 1950-60 Bernard R. Smith PDF icon SSRF410.pdf
Distribution of fish eggs and larvae, temperature, and salinity in the Georges Bank-Gulf of Maine area, 1955 Robert R. Marak, John B. Colton, Jr., and Donald B. Foster PDF icon SSRF411.pdf
Distribution of fish eggs and larvae, temperature, and salinity in the Georges Bank-Gulf of Maine area, 1956 Robert R. Marak, John B. Colton, Jr., Donald B. Foster, and David Miller PDF icon SSRF412.pdf
Surface currents of Lake Michigan, 1931 and 1932 John Van Oosten PDF icon SSRF413.pdf
Zooplankton volumes off the Pacific Coast, 1959 James R. Thrailkill PDF icon SSRF414.pdf
Pacific Tuna Biology Conference, August 14-19, 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii edited by John C. Marr PDF icon SSRF415.pdf
Marking sockeye salmon scales by short periods of starvation Richard L. Major and Donovan R. Craddock PDF icon SSRF416.pdf
Distribution and seasonal movements of Saginaw Bay fishes Ira A. Carr PDF icon SSRF417.pdf
Use of mobile bioassay equipment in the chemical control of sea lamprey John H. Howell and William M. Marquette PDF icon SSRF418.pdf
Annual fish passage report Rock Island Dam, Columbia River, Washington, 1960 Paul D. Zimmer and Clifton C. Davidson PDF icon SSRF419.pdf
Physical, chemical, and biological observations in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean: three cruises to the Gulf of Tehuantepec, 1958-59 Maurice Blackburn, Raymond C. Griffiths, Robert W. Holmes, and William H. Thomas PDF icon SSRF420.pdf
Annual fish passage report Rock Island Dam, Columbia River, Washington, 1961 Paul D. Zimmer and John H. Broughton PDF icon SSRF421.pdf
Records and observations from plankton grid studies off Baja California, April 1952 David Kramer PDF icon SSRF422.pdf
The composition, abundance, and depth distribution of the 1957 summer net zooplankton of Bare Lake, Alaska, after fertilization Robert F. Raleigh PDF icon SSRF423.pdf
Photographic census of the Steller sea lion herds in Alaska, 1956- 58 Ole A. Mathisen and Ron J. Lopp PDF icon SSRF424.pdf
Chum salmon resources of Alaska from Bristol Bay to Point Hope Chester R. Mattson PDF icon SSRF425.pdf
An electrical oxygen-temperature meter for fishery biologists Kermit E. Sneed and Harry K. Dupree PDF icon SSRF426.pdf
Whirling disease of trouts caused by Myxosoma cerebralis in the United States Glenn L. Hoffman, Clarence E. Dunbar, and Arthur Bradford PDF icon SSRF427.pdf
An evaluation of fyke trapping as a means of indexing salmon escapements in turbid streams Howard D. Tait, Jerry L. Hout, and Fredrik V. Thorsteinson PDF icon SSRF428.pdf
Estimating abundance of pink and chum salmon fry in Prince William Sound, 1957 Howard D. Tait and James B. Kirkwood. PDF icon SSRF429.pdf
The length, age, and sex ratio of chum salmon in the Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak Island, and Prince William Sound areas of Alaska Fredrik V. Thorsteins on, Wallace H. Noerenberg, and Howard D. Smith PDF icon SSRF430.pdf
A list of the marine mammals of the world, Victor B. Scheffer and Dale W. Rice PDF icon SSRF431.pdf
Protein and calorie levels of meat- meal, vitamin- supplemented salmon diets Bobby D. Combs, Wilton W. Heinemann, Roger E. Burrows, Allan E. Thomas, and Laurie G. Fowler. PDF icon SSRF432.pdf
The preparation of marine phytoplankton for microscopic examination and enumeration on molecular filters Robert W. Holmes. PDF icon SSRF433.pdf
Distribution of fishing by purse seine vessels for Atlantic menhaden, 1955-59 Charles M. Roithmayr. PDF icon SSRF434.pdf
Variation in vertebral numbers of juvenile Atlantic menhaden Doyle F. Sutherland. PDF icon SSRF435.pdf
Oceanographic and biological data, Hawaiian waters, January-July 1961 Kenneth Sherman and Robert P. Brown PDF icon SSRF436.pdf
Fall chinook salmon returns to hatcheries in the Bonneville Dam pool area, 1945- 60 Eugene M. Maltzeff and Paul D. Zimmer PDF icon SSRF437.pdf
Length and age frequency samples collected from Georges Bank haddock landings, 1931-55 James A. McCann and Frank A. Dreyer PDF icon SSRF438.pdf
Length and age frequency samples collected from Georges Bank and Gulf of Maine haddock landings, 1956-60 James A. McCann and Frank A. Dreyer PDF icon SSRF439.pdf
The king salmon of Cook Inlet, Alaska Robert M. Yancey and Fredrik V. Thorsteinson PDF icon SSRF440.pdf
The bathykymograph, a depthtime recorder Frank J. Hester, Donald C. Aasted, and Robert W. Gilkey PDF icon SSRF441.pdf
Sea surface temperature monthly average and anomaly charts, eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, 1947-58 James A. Renner PDF icon SSRF442.pdf
Progress report - spring chinook salmon transplantation study, 1955-61 Paul D. Zimmer, Roy J. Wahle, and Eugene M. Maltzeff PDF icon SSRF443.pdf
Northeast Pacific albacore oceanography survey, 1961 R. W. Owen, Jr. PDF icon SSRF444.pdf
Factors influencing the return of fall chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) to Spring Creek Hatchery Charles O. Junge, Jr., and Lloyd A. Phinney PDF icon SSRF445.pdf
Age and size composition of the menhaden catch along the Atlantic Coast of the United States, 1958, with a brief review of the commercial fishery Fred C. June and William R. Nicholson PDF icon SSRF446.pdf
The spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias) in the northeastern Pacific Dayton L. Alverson and Maurice E. Stansby PDF icon SSRF447.pdf
Crab larvae (Callinectes), in plankton collections from cruises of M/V Theodore N. Gill, south Atlantic Coast of the United States, 1953-54 Paul R. Nichols and Peggy M. Keney PDF icon SSRF448.pdf
Distribution and relative abundance of commercially important pandalid shrimps in the northeastern Pacific Ocean Lael L. Ronholt PDF icon SSRF449.pdf
Molt in the northern fur seal Victor B. Scheffer and Ancel M. Johnson PDF icon SSRF450.pdf
A method for tagging immature herring John E. Watson. PDF icon SSRF451.pdf
A towed pump and shipboard filtering system for sampling small zooplankters Charles P. O'Connell and Roderick J. H. Leong PDF icon SSRF452.pdf
Stream catalog of southeastern Alaska Regulatory District no. 2 edited by Russell F. Orrell and Edward Klinkhart PDF icon SSRF453.pdf


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