Special Scientific Report - Fisheries (SSRF)

Established in 1949, this series consists of reports on scientific investigations which document long-term continuing programs of NMFS, and intensive reports on studies of restricted scope. Bibliographies of a specialized nature are also published in this series. In 1983 this subcategory of technical reports was merged with the Circular series into the NOAA Technical Report NMFS series; SSRF 783 was the last report published.

Fur seal investigations, Pribilof Islands, Alaska, 1962 Alton Y. Roppel, Ancel M. Johnson, Richard D. Bauer, Douglas G. Chapman, and Ford Wilke. PDF icon SSRF454.pdf
Counts of red-tide organisms, Gymnodinium breve, and associated oceanographic data from Florida west coast, 1960- 61 Alexander Dragovich, John H. Finucane, John A. Kelly, Jr., and Billie Z. May PDF icon SSRF455.pdf
Ecological studies of sockeye salmon and related limnological and climatological investigations, Brooks Lake, Alaska, 1957 Theodore R. Merrell, Jr. PDF icon SSRF456.pdf
Physical oceanographic studies of Narragans ett Bay, 1957 and 1958 Steacy D. Hicks PDF icon SSRF457.pdf
Movements of king crabs tagged and released in Shumagin Islands area, 1957-62 Murray L. Hayes and Donald T. Montgomery PDF icon SSRF458.pdf
The fishery for scup with special reference to fluctuations in yield and their causes William C. Neville and Gerald B. Talbot PDF icon SSRF459.pdf
Natural variation in spotting, hyoid teeth counts, and coloration of Yellowstone cutthroat trout, Salmo clarki lewisi Girard Ross V. Bulkley PDF icon SSRF460.pdf
Winter- run chinook salmon in the Sacramento River, California, with notes on water temperature requirements at spawning Daniel W. Slater PDF icon SSRF461.pdf
Mycobacteria in adult salmonid fishes returning to national fish hatcheries in Washington, Oregon, and California in 1958-59 A. John Ross PDF icon SSRF462.pdf
Exploratory fishing for Maine herring Keith A. Smith PDF icon SSRF463.pdf
Fish schools and bird flocks in the central Pacific Ocean, 1950-1961 Kenneth D. Waldron PDF icon SSRF464.pdf
Stream catalog of southeastern Alaska Regulatory Districts Nos. 3 and 4 edited by Russell F. Orrell, Carl Rosier, and Lyle R. Simpson PDF icon SSRF465.pdf
Ecology of the Gulf of Mexico commercial sponges and its relation to the fishery, John F. Storr PDF icon SSRF466.pdf
Annual fish passage report Rock Island Dam, Columbia River, Washington, 1962 Paul D. Zimmer and John H. Broughton PDF icon SSRF467.pdf
Statistical records and computations on red salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) runs in the Nushagak District, Bristol Bay, Alaska, 1946-59 Ole A. Mathisen, Robert L. Burgner, and Ted S. Y. Koo PDF icon SSRF468.pdf
Success of pink salmon spawning relative to size of spawning bed materials William J. McNeil and Warren H. Ahnell PDF icon SSRF469.pdf
The segregation of red salmon in the escapements to the Kvichak River system, Alaska Howard Donald Smith PDF icon SSRF470.pdf
Acute oral toxicity of 1,496 chemicals force-fed to carp Howard A. Loeb and William H. Kelly PDF icon SSRF471.pdf
Use of plant extracts in serological studies of fish Fred M. Utter, George J. Ridgway, and Harold O. Hodgins PDF icon SSRF472.pdf
Economic survey of the U.S. fisheries in the Passamaquoddy region, 1956-57 Giulio Pontecorvo and Leslie W. Scattergood PDF icon SSRF473.pdf
Publications on fish parasites and diseases, 330 B.C. - A.D. 1923 E. A. McGregor PDF icon SSRF474.pdf
Pelagic fur seal investigations, Alaska waters, 1962 Clifford H. Fiscus, Gary A. Baines, and Ford Wilke PDF icon SSRF475.pdf
Herring fishery of the U.S. Passamaquoddy region Leslie W. Scattergood and Lewis J. Lozier PDF icon SSRF476.pdf
North Pacific oceanography, February-April 1962 Felix Favorite, Betty-Ann Morse, Alan H. Haselwood, and Robert A. Preston, Jr. PDF icon SSRF477.pdf
Age and size composition of the menhaden catch along the Atlantic Coast of the United States, 1959, with a brief review of the commercial fishery William R. Nicholson and Joseph R. Higham, Jr. PDF icon SSRF478.pdf
Age and size composition of the 1960 menhaden catch along the U.S. Atlantic Coast, with a brief review of the commercial fishery William R. Nicholson and Joseph R. Higham, Jr. PDF icon SSRF479.pdf
Further studies of protein and calorie levels of meat-meal, vitamin supplemented salmon diets Laurie G. Fowler, J. Howard McCormick, Jr., and Allan E. Thomas PDF icon SSRF480.pdf
Air and water temperatures and stream flow data from Convict Creek, Mono County, California, 1950 to 1962 Harry D. Kennedy PDF icon SSRF481.pdf
Fish population studies, Lewis and Clark Lake, Missouri River, 1956 to 1962 Charles H. Walburg PDF icon SSRF482.pdf
Intertidal ecology and life history of pink salmon at Olsen Creek, Prince William Sound, Alaska John H. Helle, Richard S. Williamson, and Jack E. Bailey PDF icon SSRF483.pdf
Field techniques for staining recapture experiments with commercial shrimp T. J. Costello PDF icon SSRF484.pdf
Disappearance of dead pink salmon eggs and larvae from Sashin Creek, Baranof Island, Alaska William J. McNeil, Ralph A. Wells, and David C. Brickell PDF icon SSRF485.pdf
Salmon tagging experiments along the south shore of Unimak Island and the southwestern shore of the Alaska Peninsula Fredrik V. Thorsteinson and Theodore R. Merrell, Jr. PDF icon SSRF486.pdf
Distribution and seasonal occurrence on Gymnodinium breve on the west coast of Florida, 1954- 57 John H. Finucane PDF icon SSRF487.pdf
Spawning ground catalog of the Kvichak River system, Bristol Bay, Alaska Robert L. Demory, Russell F. Orrell, and Donald R. Heinle PDF icon SSRF488.pdf
Pelagic fur seal investigations, Alaska, 1963 Clifford H. Fiscus, Gary A. Baines, and Hiroshi Kajimura PDF icon SSRF489.pdf
A remote controlled underwater photographic surveillance system Paul J. Kruse, Jr. PDF icon SSRF490.pdf
Monthly sea-surface temperature anomaly graphs for Atlantic Coast stations Franklin Stearns PDF icon SSRF491.pdf
Releases and recoveries of drift bottles and cards in the central Pacific Richard A. Barkley, Bernard M. Ito, and Robert P. Brown. PDF icon SSRF492.pdf
Stream catalog of the Wood River Lake system, Bristol Bay, Alaska compiled by Richard A. Marriott, with additions and revisions by Nevin Aspinwall, Ted S. Y. Koo, and Robert L. Burgner PDF icon SSRF494.pdf
History of oceanography in the off shore waters of the Gulf of Maine John B. Colton, Jr. PDF icon SSRF496.pdf
Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Symposium on Red Tide James E. Sykes PDF icon SSRF521.pdf
. Pelagic fur seal investigations, 1964 Clifford H. Fiscus and Hiroshi Kajimura. PDF icon SSRF522.pdf
Stream catalog of southeastern Alaska regulatory districts nos. 5, 6, 7, and 8 Carl Rosier, Norm Johnston, and Russel F. Orrell PDF icon SSRF523.pdf
Stream catalog of southeastern Alaska regulatory district no. 9 edited by Norman Johnston PDF icon SSRF524.pdf
Comparative study of juvenile American shad populations by fin ray and scute counts Paul R. Nichols PDF icon SSRF525.pdf
Synopsis on the biology of the jack mackerel (Trachurus symmetricus) John S. MacGregor PDF icon SSRF526.pdf
Age and size composition of the menhaden catch along the Atlantic coast of the United States, 1962 with a brief review of the commercial fishery William R. Nicholson and Joseph R. Higham, Jr. PDF icon SSRF527.pdf
U.S. Federal research on fisheries and limnology in the Great Lakes through 1964; An annotated bibliography Ralph Hile PDF icon SSRF528.pdf
The Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Type IV electrofishing shocker-Its characteristics and operation Benjamin G. Patten and Charles C. Gillaspie. PDF icon SSRF529.pdf


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